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A Comparison of the Three Davids

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In the interim the long civil war between thehouse of Saul and the house of David eventuated in the gradualweakening and the final extermination of the house of Saul, andDavid's being anointed king over all Israel (2 Sam.

In 1 Samuel 20, we read of a plan concocted by Jonathan to reveal his father’s plans toward David.

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Not long after David and the men who were with him had takenup their residence a hebron, he was anointed king over the houseof Judah and reigned seven and one half years over that tribe(2 Sam.

The addition of David to Saul's staff meshes with the patternsalready established and in 14:52, David's entrance is foreshadowed.

Even aslate as the time of Saul it is emphasized that "on the dayof battle there was neither sword nor spear found in the handof any of the people with Saul and Jonathan; but Saul and Jonathanhis son had them." (1 Samuel 13:22) When Saul and David broke the power of the Philistines, the iron-smeltingformula became public property, and the metal was popularizedin Israel.

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20:1, 2; 21:2), it was impossible beforethe time of Saul or David for many of these places, such as Gezer,Ibleam, Taanach, Rehob in Asher, Joknean and Naholal (cf.

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In similar fashion to counteract attack, to avenge insult, toinsure the safety of the nation and to keep it from idolatrouscontamination, David waged war with other surrounding nationsincluding the Moabites, Aramaeans, Ammonites, Edomites and Amalekites(2 Sam.

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Subjugation of Neighboring States David's establishment as king over a united Israel provoked thefear and jealousy of the Philistines, who twice invaded Israeliteterritory to attack David and who were twice decisively defeatednear Jerusalem (2 Sam.

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Evidence brought to light showed that the city which David capturedwas shaped like a huge human footprint about 1250 feet long and400 feet wide and was situated some distance south of the templearea.

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As a result, since as early as the beginning of the Christianera, ancient Jebusite Jerusalem had been popularly but erroneouslyassociated with the southern portion of the western hill, a traditionwhich has been corrected only by more than a century's worth ofarcheological research, extending from De Saulcey's first searchfor the Tombs of the Kings of David and his successors in 1850to the discovery of the location and limits of the City of Davidin 1927.

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Although David's men evidently scaled the walls of Jerusalemand did not gain entrance to the Jebusite fortress, as had beenthought, by means of the city's underground water system; archeologyhas shown that the anciaent citadel which David took called "thestronghold of Zion" and subsequently the "city of David"(2 Samuel 5:7), which the king built, were located on the easternhill above the Gihon Fountain and not on the so-called westernhill of Zion, separated by the Tyropoean Valley.