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(9) Judges and lawyers. The perpetrators know that judges and lawyers possess credibility and also know the laws and would thus be able to leverage law enforcement into action.

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(4) Law enforcement officers. Although I have heard obliquely of police officers being electronically assaulted, I have never actually corresponded with or read a complaint by a law enforcement target. The exclusion also applies to prison authorities, U. S. marshals, Border Patrol, DEA, the entire U. S. intelligence community, including the Secret Service, sheriffs, and sheriff’s deputies.

As the Control System Agency (CSA) for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), DPS serves as the connection point for all data between Texas agencies and NCIC. Through the services of the NCIC system, the FBI maintains stolen and recovered property files, person files, computerized criminal history (CCH) data and the Interstate Identification Index (III) which is used as a pointer to criminal history files resident on state systems. Federal and state law regulates access to and dissemination of CCH, and prescribes security and privacy rules for systems which access CCH. DPS is responsible to insure that FBI CJIS Policy is applied to Texas agencies accessing FBI data.