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Strict parents in this world have known for a very long time, that very few things make quite an impact as a spanking administered over an already bruised and sore bottom. These parents feel very strongly about using corporal punishment to adjust their daughter’s behavior and do not care at all when her last spanking was administered. It her actions, behavior, and attitude that determine when her bottom needs to be worn out, not when she was punished last. So, if she finds herself in the situation of getting spanked, while she is already struggling to sit down, it is no one’s fault but her own.

When a parent must administer severe corporal punishment, the teen girl’s bottom is well suited for receiving it.
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Why is challenging corporal punishment very important

Sec. 37.0011. USE OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. (a) In this section, "corporal punishment" means the deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline. The term does not include:

Local schools in Georgia can allow teachers and principals to use corporal punishment, but the state sets limits on the practice. ...
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In most states, public school teachers and principals aren’t allowed to punish students by causing physical pain. But corporal punishment is still allowed in many states—especially in th ...

This dad decided that a little corporal punishment to her thighs would be beneficial to her attitude.
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While every instance of misbehavior in this home calls for a spanking, sometimes their mom is creative in adding additional consequences. Every child knows that the use of a bad word will get their bottom blistered and most likely their mouth washed out with soap. Just as with every punishment, there is a bit of a sliding scale. The F word will likely result in something wooden used on their bottoms, while “shit” might only result in the belt. Regardless of the word used, they know that someone’s butt will be torn up and they will then be lead to the kitchen sink. Jessica’s mom always has several bars of soap under the sink, reserved for such a time of need. The bar is heavily lathered and then makes several trips into Jessica’s mouth. The bar is then placed in her mouth as she leans against the wall by the sink. Her mom will then set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and she has to just stand there and deal with the soapy mess and bad taste in her mouth. When her time is up, she is expected to throw away the soap and then clean the soapy mess that dripped out of her mouth.

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When it comes to spanking, there still some moms out there that are very creative when it comes to spanking their daughters. This is typically as a result of growing up in a household in which their own mothers were quite creative when it came to corporal punishment. These types of mothers are almost collectors when it comes to spanking implements and can never pass up a good implement when they see one. They might be at an antique store and see an old hairbrush, or even a small boat paddle, and they know there will be a time when such a tool could come in handy. This is the mom that walks through the store in Target and sees the perfect sized wooden spoon that she are sure they can put to good use. This mom, finds herself in the men’s belts section of JC Penny’s, even though her husband currently does not need a belt, as she never knows when a thick and heavy leather belt will be on sale.

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While a teen girl’s bottom will always be the best location for the application of corporal punishment from her parents, it is not the only part of her body that can receive discipline. For the creative parents, thighs, knees, and a teen girl’s mouth can also be very effective areas when applying corporal punishment and can help to better teach her the lesson that she has deserves.