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Despite the fact that the Cain's articles warped many half-truths into generalities, the 1963 General Service Conference shifted its theme to "AA Takes Its Inventory." A feature of that Conference was the special presentation by three of the non-alcoholics trustees: Dr. Harry Tiebault, Prof. Harrison M. Trice, and Austin MacCormick. They had taken a hard look at the Fellowship to try to separate valid criticism from spurious accusations.

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In January, 1963, Harpers Magazine published an article by Dr. Arthur H. Cain which was harshly critical of Alcoholics Anonymous. Entitled "Alcoholics Can be Cured--Despite A.A.," the article was soon followed by other nationally distributed publications which echoed the same criticism--including this one in the Saturday Evening Post of September 19, 1964.

This paper is not the first to subject Popper's Critical Rationalism to detailed criticism.
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The adoption of the Responsibility Pledge at the 1965 International Convention in Toronto was almost certainly a direct result of the criticism in these articles.

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When booze does its taxes it lists you as a dependent

Behind the A.A. fence the original principle that alcoholics must be humble before God has been turned into the dictum that alcoholics are God's chosen people. This theme is preached in meetings and through books and pamphlets. A typical illustration is a booklet titled. "Around the Clock With A.A.," published recently by an A.A. group in California. One passage declares: "God in His wisdom selected this group of men and women to be the purveyors of His goodness.... He went right to the drunkard, the so-called weakling of the world. Well might He have said to us: 'Unto your weak and feeble hands I have entrusted- power beyond estimate. To you has been given that which has been denied the most learned of your fellows. Not to scientists or statesmen, not to wives or mothers, not even to my priests or ministers have I given this gift of helping other alcoholics which I entrust to you."' Such idolatry causes the believer to see himself as all-knowing, and turns the missionary into the zealot.