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This volume examines ten economically advanced countries in Europe and Asia that have experienced different levels of fertility decline. It offers readers a cross-country perspective on the causes and consequences of low birth rates and the different policy responses to this worrying trend. The countries examined are not only diverse geographically, historically, and culturally, but also have different policies and institutions in place. They include six very-low-fertility countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan) and four that have close to replacement-level fertility (United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, and France). Although fertility has gone down in all these countries over the past 50 years, the chapters examine the institutional, policy, and cultural factors that have led some countries to have much lower fertility rates than others. In addition, the final chapter provides a cross-country comparison of individual perceptions about obstacles to fertility, based on survey data, and government support for families. This broad overview, along with a general introduction, helps put the specific country papers in context. As birth rates continue to decline, there is increasing concern about the fate of social welfare systems, including healthcare and programs for the elderly. This book will help readers to better understand the root causes of such problems with its insightful discussion on how a country’s institutions, policies, and culture shape fertility trends and levels.

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REFLECTION requires questioning assumptions. By definition, it asks the study abroad student to employ multiple interpretations, to go beyond the obvious, beyond first impressions. Reflection implies that the study abroad student think about what he/she knows with respect to other people and their culture. Then, the student comes up with plausible interpretations through multiple perspectives. Students come prepared to interact across cultures, to learn as much as possible about other people and their culture prior to meeting. They also take into account issues of inequality and discrimination or preconceived notions and stereotypes that influence social behaviors.

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You can find a database of mental health and substance use information in many languages and read the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s report on diversity in mental health care, called Improving mental health services for immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized groups.Cross Cultural Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital

The Cross Cultural Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital provides culturally sensitive and language-specific psychiatric services.

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