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It is important for researchers to understand the importance of critical thinking skills ..

The importance of critical thinking skills in research ..

Critical writing depends on critical reading. Most of the papers you write will involve reflection on written texts – the thinking and research that has already been done on your subject. In order to write your own analysis of this subject, you will need to do careful critical reading of sources and to use them critically to make your own argument. The judgments and interpretations you make of the texts you read are the first steps towards formulating your own approach.

Education - Critical Thinking Skills in Schools and Life

[C01] What is critical thinking? - University of Hong Kong

Production coursework encourages the development of personal style as students explore the expressive potential of emergent media practices, with a particular emphasis on the documentary impulse and making the “invisible” visible. Our program explores media art from a critical perspective: its nature, its history and its place in the contemporary world. Students are required to analyze not only existing media but also their own work. In this way the program presents media art as a way of engaging and knowing the world. At the graduate level, our department features an MFA degree in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices and a Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices. The department also offers a practice-led Ph.D. in Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices. The Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media is affiliated with our program. Our department collaborators include faculty and students from Anthropology, Art and Art History, Center for the American West, Center for Asian Studies, Dance, English, Film Studies, Geography, Music and programs within the College of Media Communication and Information.

Critical Thinking and the Nursing Practice

Exploration of issues, techniques and tools of music and sound technology. Topics vary and may include: interactive systems for performance; music and mobile media; electronic music instrument design; digital synthesis and signal processing; music in multimedia; sound practices and analysis. Lecture during work sessions will support student projects.