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In addition, in adults with a history of child sexual abuse, a three-way interaction was found between child sexual abuse, having an alcoholic partner, and having high expectancies of alcohol as a sexual disinhibitor.

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Thus far, most of the authors who have addressed the issues discussed in Stage Two have not directly combined them with the collective behavior constructs discussed in Stage One. Nor have most made the connection to certain clinical components which often exist when allegations of abuse are false. There are a variety of psychiatric and psychological factors which can come into play in cases of alleged abuse. Some of these are extremely pertinent, and provide a foundation for differentiating a possible false accusation from a true one. Often this type of pathology can be triggered by the group hysteria and suggestibility of children discussed in Stages One and Two. There are always many possible psychiatric problems when an allegation is false. Obviously, there is the possibility of true psychotic behavior, if someone is convinced abuse has taken place when it actually hasn't. For the most part, only a few of the authors have examined carefully specific clinical syndromes which may be applicable to cases of alleged child abuse.

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(1994), there was also evidence for an association between a history of child sexual abuse and an earlier age of entering the first cohabitation and an earlier age at first pregnancy.

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Several studies have synthesized existing studies of child maltreatment prevention programs. A meta-analysis conducted by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (Lee, 2008) found evidence of the effectiveness of several prevention programs. Their analyses also found that for several of the effective programs, the costs of the programs were significantly lower than the achieved benefits. An older meta-analysis from Abt Associates, Inc., which included a range of family support approaches, found that as a whole the effect of the programs on child abuse and neglect outcomes was relatively small.

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In both these circumstances we find all the elements of group hysteria, including irrational emotions which became contagious and are self-reinforcing or cause a circular reaction. The fact that one might question the analogy because "witches do not exist" and child abusers do, does not really undermine the foundation of the analogy. Although most of us now think we know witches don't exist, certainly that was not the case in 1692. Indeed perhaps it is not the case at all.

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Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) are community-based, child-focused and child-friendly facilities where representatives from many disciplines meet to discuss and make decisions about investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases. Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center is an accredited CAC through the National Children's Alliance. All services are offered at no cost to children and families in the Grand Traverse region.

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Respite care is often provided in the context of . Family resource centers can provide a wide range of formal and informal services to families in need, such as parent skill training, job training, substance abuse prevention, mental health or family counseling, and financial support services (e.g., meeting basic needs, housing, etc.). The services offered by the centers are tailored to the needs of the families it serves and the surrounding community. Despite the popularity of centers like these, the literature does not contain rigorous evaluations of the effectiveness of family resource centers in preventing child maltreatment.