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In sum: Robinson Crusoe is an exciting, action packed novel, sure, but it's also a book that's really plugged into the of the early 18th century. It sure as heck spoke to the people of England circa 1719, and maybe it will speak to you too.

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But, of course, it's not all about action, adventure, and real-life Scottish castaways. There are other reasons for the book's popularity at the time. Robinson Crusoe deals with many of the Big Issues on the minds of people in 18th-century England.

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The place? London. The year? 1719. The bestselling book that everyone's reading? No, it's not yet another vampire novel. (We said London, 1719, remember?) It's an adventure novel about a castaway and his friend Friday: The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner.

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Daniel Defoe authored Robinson Crusoe before novels were novels. That is, before what we now know as the novel even really existed. This means a couple of things for our time-travelling Shmoopers:

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You might even have been in a Robinsonade yourself. Ever played the ? You know, the one where you list the books or movies or album you'd bring if you were going to be stranded all alone on a desert island? If so, you've just had yourself a Crusoe moment.

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Turning down to the sea again we find Lower Largo more famously known for Alexander Selkirk, better known as Daniel Defoes' Robinson Crusoe. In the main street there is a statue of him looking out to sea searching for boats. The old 19th century granary overlooking the harbour is now the Crusoe hotel.