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Dead white males or Dead White EuropeanMales (DWEM) is a term that refers to a purportedly disproportionate academic focuson contributions to historical and contemporary made by European males.

Dead White Males has 83 ratings and 1 review.

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Australian playwright also satirised this approach to education in his play Dead White Males. In the production, the ghost of Shakespeare is shot by a radical lecturer.

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It is not even necessarily the job of the critic to be "in touch" with popular taste: I disliked The Mousetrap and Les Miserables and the fact they have run for a zillion years doesn't alter my opinion. As for the matter of age, I will hang up my boots either when my editor tells me to or when I have lost my insatiable appetite for theatre. Until then, Nick Hytner will have to learn to tolerate criticism even from dead white males.

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made direct reference to thisterm when he delivered his 1992 (the U.S. federalgovernment's highest honor for achievement in the ).Knox used the intentionally "provocative" title "The Oldest DeadWhite European Males", as thetitle of his lecture and his subsequent book of the same name, inboth of which Knox defended the continuing relevance of classicalGreek culture to modern society.

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Dead white males or Dead White European Males (DWEM) is a derisive term referring to the tradition of thought and that stresses the contributions of historic while ignoring other groups of people (individuals of non-European descent and women). This paradigm is closely associated with the of history and the focus of and .

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The phrase "dead white males" (or "dead white men," "dead white guys" etc.) is a slang term used to criticize the emphasis on in in (especially those in the ), as the majority of figures previously considered significant in Western civilization were white males who are usually dead. Critics of the traditional curriculum argued that it enshrined a particular world view that valued older European history, for example, over more recent American achievements. Critics also implied that traditional curriculum was subconsciously and by ignoring the achievements of women and minority groups. A form of history viewed in a similar way is the "" of history.

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As a result of this DWEM focus, US high school curricula in recent years have tended to be more inclusive of contributions from people outside of the DWEM category. For example, a typical US high-school history curriculum might focus less on the contributions, decisions, and actions of DWM Generals such as , and instead give greater emphasis to leaders such as .

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The term DWEM is actually used by some defenders of the traditional curriculum, but they see the particular "dead white European males" in question as being legitimately more worthy of study than proposed rival figures. Defenders of traditional curricula generally support the accepted of English and European-language literature. They often characterize proposed curriculum changes as being motivated by political activism. They argue that to dismiss any thinker or writer solely because he is a DWEM is not a valid comment on the actual content. Additionally, they point out that the term is itself a of individuals.