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Contributes to the interruptions motif Death of a Salesman

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The Bell Jar "I felt so fine by the time we came to the yogurt and strawberriy jam that I decided I would let Constantin seduce me" (Plath 78).

"And then I wondered if as soon as he came to like me he would sink into ordinariness, and if as soon as he came to love me I would find fault after fault, the way I did with Buddy Willard and the boys before him" (Plath 83).

Bipolar II Disorder: switching ideas rapidly, rapidly changing from major depression (sadness, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of worthlessness) and hypomania (distractibility, ease, poor judgement, high sensuality) Shows mental state of Esther

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relates to a
theme of the play Reveal information about Willy The Bell Jar Reveal information about Esther Death of a Salesman "Linda: Willy, darling, you're the handsomest man in the world--
Willy: Oh, no, Linda" (Miller 24).

"Linda: Willy, he was just saying--
I heard what he said!" (Miller 45)

"Linda: Maybe things are beginning to--
Willy [wildly enthused, to Linda]: Stop interurpting!" (Miller 47).

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Katherine Vaaler Flashbacks in Death of a Salesman and The Bell Jar The Bell Jar relates to a major
theme of the play adds to interruptions
motif shows
state of main character reveals past information
about main character Relate to the Theme: The events of any person's past will inevitably affect them for the rest of their lives.

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