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The bulk of work done in the Roman Empire was always carried out by the slaves.
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Some of the youngsters were trained for government service, where they were able to reach very high ranks, even that of Grand Vezir. Many of the others served in the elite military corps of the Ottoman Empire, called the Janissaries, which was almost exclusively made up of forced converts from Christianity.

The Ottomans inflicted a series of defeats on the declining Christian Byzantine Empire and then quickly expanded westward.
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The image of a free constitution was preserved withdecent reverence: the Roman senate appeared to possess thesovereign authority, and devolved on the emperors all theexecutive powers of government.

1794) upon visiting the ruins of the Roman forum in1762, during his Grand Tour, was inspired to write a history of the RomanEmpire and its long fall.
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Following his mother's death in 1747 his father chose to live aretired life in Hampshire leaving young Edward Gibbon to the careof an aunt and grandfather in Putney.
In this household Gibbon had a free access to hisgrandfather's library where, with his aunt's encouragement, hebecame an avid reader - an initial "indiscriminate appetitesubsided by degrees in the historic line." His health continuedto prevent his being consistently educated in any formaleducational establishment obliging the family to arrange forprivate tutoring until, at age 15, his health suddenly improvedand his father was thus able to enter him into Magdalen Collegeat the University of Oxford.

Given his unconventional early life Gibbon traveled to Oxfordat this time "with a stock of erudition which might have puzzleda doctor, and a degree of ignorance of which a schoolboy mighthave been ashamed." Gibbon came to hate Oxford, he did not likehis tutors and they did not like him - he was afterwards to writeof the fourteen months he spent there as being "the most idle andunprofitable of my whole life."

Whilst at Oxford Gibbon incurred his father's displeasure inJune 1753 by adopting Roman Catholicism, (such conversion also, in those times, automatically disbarred him from further attendance at OxfordUniversity!), with the result that Gibbon was sent to Lausannewhere he was to stay in the home of a Calvinist minister.
Gibbon senior intended that, through this arrangement, his sonwould come to abjure his recent conversion in faith.
Gibbon spent some five years in Switzerland, becomingthoroughly fluent in the French language to the extent that itdisplaced English as the language in which he thought.

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - Chapter I
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There were multiple causes to the fall of Rome including economic reasons, political reasons, military reasons invasions and threats by both internal and external forces 476 a.d was the ending year for most of the Empire, but the Eastern Empire grew and contributed to society for another thousand years....

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It was clearly visible that the Roman Emperor was the backbone of Roman stability and therefore the strength of the Roman army was also crucial in ensuing the empire's stability....

The Roman Empire: in the First Century

Other reasons believed to have caused the Roman Empire to decline and fall are climate change, population decline, too much poisoning of the upper class population in the empire.

Steve Bannon: Same Causes of Roman Empire’s Decline …

Despite there being many overlapping reasons for the fall of the empire, according to me among the major reasons that led to the fall of the Roman Empire include the following, 1. Large amounts of ambitious general all whom wanted to be emperor.

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Hereturned to the continent spending some time in Paris in thecircle of d'Alembert and Diderot, then spent about a year in theLausanne area before traveling to Rome in April of 1764.
It was of a day in October of that year that Gibbon laterwrote "as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol, whilebarefoot friars were singing vespers in the Temple of Jupiter,the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city firststarted to my mind."

Although the idea for what eventually became Gibbon'scelebrated History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empirehad thus occurred to him in October 1764 it was to be severalyears in gestation.