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Rick Savage, Def Leppard (2008) - credit: Ben Spencer/flickr

Rick Savage, Def Leppard (2008) - credit: creative mishmash/flickr

Def Leppard’s , the greatest hair-metal album ever made, begins by recounting the Book of Genesis, or at least the parts of the Book of Genesis that interest Def Leppard, which is to say the part where the ladies show up. "Women" kicks off with the forlorn windblown howls of what might well be several hundred guitars, and the robo-mastodon plod of rock ‘n’ roll’s most famous one-armed drummer. And then, frontman Joe Elliott, adopting an almost professorial air, gives us this:

Rick Savage of Def Leppard performs on the opening night of Viva! Hysteria in Las Vegas (2013) - credit: David Becker/Getty Images

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But the two parties clashed over the record's direction – Steinman wanted the album to have a live-band feel, while Def Leppard was hoping to make an even more sonically extravagant album than . "Jim just came from a completely different school of thought that was more vibe- and song-oriented, whereas we've always been more about the sound of the record," bassist Rick "Sav" Savage says in . "We go into great detail on every element that makes up the song." The band bought him out in November 1984, before recording a single note, putting themselves in a hefty amount of debt. "He may be good for other acts, but he was hopeless for us," Elliott told the in 1987. "We were a million miles apart in our ideas about sounds, style, timing. And he couldn't adapt to the band. It was a mismatch from the start."

1. Meat Loaf producer Jim Steinman was originally slated to produce the album.
"When we first got together to follow up – which was basically what it was; it wasn't at the time, it was just going to be the next album – we hadn't a clue [as to] what we were doing," lead singer Joe Elliott says in , a produced by the band in honor of the album's 30th anniversary. Def Leppard initially wrote songs with producer-songwriter Mutt Lange, who'd worked with them since 1981's . His packed schedule, though, meant that he couldn't produce the album. For that, the band initially chose Jim Steinman, whose recent credits included Bonnie Tyler's hit-spawning , Air Supply's smash "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" and, most famously, Meat Loaf's .

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It ain’t Shakespeare—The video for "Women" features Def Leppard playing in a warehouse full of cardboard boxes marked HEART and LIPS and EARS and so forth.

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4. "Love Bites" originally had a bit more twang to it.
"Love Bites," the band's first (and only) Number One on the Hot 100, began its life as a country track – not the most surprising beginning for what would become a massive power ballad, although the layers of backing vocals (inspired by the R&B of the time) and guitars and keyboards the band added in the studio made it unmistakably Leppard–ian. "That was written by Mutt," Collen in the mid-Nineties, around the time Lange was making waves for producing albums by his then-wife Shania Twain. "When he first showed it to us, it sounded a bit country-and-western. ... We just added Def Leppard guitars to it."

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What Collen says the band wanted—or, more to the point, what Collen says Mutt Lange wanted—was "a hard-rock version of ." And after "Pour Some Sugar on Me" broke through in the U.S. (Collen credits the strippers who started calling their local radio stations to request it), delivered, eventually , still a record for a rock band. The U.S. tour promoting the record famously featured the band performing with the stage in the dead center of the arena, the area beneath the stage Def Leppard sang so profoundly about.

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Happy birthday, Rick Savage...
Born Richard Savage on December 2 1960 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, Rick Savage is a musician and songwriter mostly known as the bassist and one of the founding members of Def Leppard.
As a youth, he learnt to play guitar with his brother. They played songs of artists like Rod Stewart and Don McLean.
In spite of his devoting for Sheffield Wednesday, Rick pursued a career as a professional football player with Sheffield United.
Eventually, he decided to focus on music and formed a band, Atomic Mass, with schoolmates Tony Kenning and Pete Willis. They mostly played covers of Deep Purple, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Slade...
Later, they thought Pete Willis was better at guitar so Rick switched to bass. Soon after, they were joined by Joe Elliott and Steve Clark, and they changed their name to Def Leppard.
The band released its debut album, On Through The Night, in 1980 (lineup in 1980: Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Steve Clark (guitar), Pete Willis (guitar), Rick Savage (bass), Rick Allen (drums)).
They are considered amongst the leaders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.
Pete Willis was fired on July 11 1982 and replaced by Phil Collen the day after. The classic lineup of the band was complete.
The band released its fourth album, Hysteria, in 1987, four years after their third album, Pyromania, because of the car accident that cost Rick Allen his left arm on December 31 1984.
In April 1992, Def Leppard (with Vivian Campbell replacing Steve Clark who had died the previous year) performed at the Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium, London. They shared stage with , John Deacon, Roger Taylor and .
Around 1994, Rick contracted Bell's Palsy (his facial muscles weakened and half of his face was paralized). Though he has recovered, when he is tired some effects of the disease are still visible.
Def Leppard were inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on September 5 2000.
They released their ninth studio album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, in 2008.
In 2013, Def Leppard released a live album, Viva! Hysteria.
They toured with Kiss in 2014 and will release a new album in May 2015.
To conclude, we wish a happy birthday and years of rock to Rick Savage!