its share of dehumanization through slavery, ..

Much like the Holocaust and during slavery, the Jewish religion and
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The Dehumanization of Slavery - Postcolonial literature

Beginning with the first African American literary works, the slave narratives, through the canon's more recent successes such as Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Sapphire's Push, the topic of literacy is almost inextricably connected to freedom and power.

People tend to believe that the holocaust was worse than slavery and segregation.Relation has nothing to do with my statement.
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At least, I'm pretty sure you were born after the 40s and I don't think you were ever a slave.I never said you in particular says the the holocaust is worse.

You're appropriating the experience that both people in the Holocaust and those who were sold into slavery went through.
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I also believe the dehumanization process lasted much longer in slavery and segregation than it did in the holocaust causing much more damage to the conscious to those that suffered in slavery.

Douglass walked me through each stage of his “career” as a slave gave me a better understanding of the African American slaves’ struggle.
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The Museum also offers a comprehensive timeline of the African American experience in the United States. The timeline is divided into six sections: Africa Before Slavery, Slavery in America, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights and Post Civil Rights.

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Two primary examples of the struggle and yearn for change among African Americans include Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, the autobiography of Frederick Douglass and Invisible Man, a novel written by Ralph Ellison.

Slavery And The Holocaust In American Movies

This institution is injurious to slaves and slave holders alike because American society, especially in the south, underwent a dehumanization process in order to implement the harsh and inhumane doctrine....