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If one examines the play then it will become clear that the play is revolved a twisted love triangle between John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail Williams, which is the cause of the hysteria and injustice in the village of Salem....

The proctors were being accused by Abigail Williams, which eventually led to the death and hanging of John Proctor.
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For the case of Abigail Williams, she made use of the paranoia of the witchcraft trials to her advantage to carry out personal vengeance against Elizabeth Proctor.

In the Crucible, Thomas Putnam and Abigail Williams both took advantage of circumstances to carry out vengeance against different people.
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The main protagonist, John Procter, stands up against the corruption and greed that has infested the very heart of Salem, and tries to overthrow Abigail Williams, a corrupt young maiden who blames and kills the accused witches.

This novel explores the depth of evil in human nature through these main characters John Procter and Abigail Williams....
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