I did it too! Thanks for thinking outside the box. I never do that.

Having your puppet

I love this!!!! Way to take back your kid’s lives!!!

And if you don't know any Spanish, you may not speak (this willinspire your kids to learn some, or give you your very own version of theQuiet Game!)

Your kids will encounter the freshman 15, microwave dinners, and pizza carryout well before then.

I have a friend that took her kids’ stuff to the pawn shop…it worked.

I’ve been working on this same problem with my family. This year I finally made some headway and my sisters got together and gave us a family membership to our favorite zoo and for my daughters birthday this month my sister sent 4 movie passes and a gift card enough to cover popcorn and juice for everyone. My daughter and I think these were the best gifts to date!
I also went with the less is more thought at Christmas when Santa filled a stocking (socks, undies, her favorite bath bubbles, a pack of side walk chaulk and a bottle of outdoor bubbles!) and put just one other gift under the tree. I went small in gifting this year too. Two new outfits and a couple of books. I really thought my daughter would be disapointed but she had more fun with the few things then with the many of years past!

In moderation theses little video games canbe great motivators and teach kids a few things too.

I needed this article so badly!!! My husband told me long ago that our kids have way too many toys and that our house is too crowded by toys… He told me we should take all of the toys away leaving the with just one at a time…. now i get it! Now i get why our son is not constant in anything…. Thanks for posting this! Now, i’ll go and work a bit cleaning up our house of all the toys 😀

How often do your kids play with their toys? I’m just wondering because mine never do.

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Doesn’t work over here in Britain. Not one iota.
Kids want to play with toys, let them make their own mistakes, providing it’s not lethal or sexually harmful.

Are My Kids Watching Too Much TV?

When I was 8-9 my parents took all the toys out of my room and it has effected me very much negatively. The reason I was so attached to my toys was the lack of attention. Now I am 16 and have purchased my old dollhouse I had as a child and regularly play with it. Taking your kids toys away doesn’t work for everyone.

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I am going to do this although it might take some time for my husband to get on board. I have already decided that I personally will go first. I am a sewer and crafter that has collected way too much that I likely will never use. I also hang on to many things for sentimental purposes and often over time forget where they came from or what the meaning was. I am going to purge my own belongings in a major way and then help my boys cut down theirs. Hopefully this will help my husband do his too!

Q+A: Are Kids Watching Too Much TV

I agree with you wholeheartedly, we think that we are giving our children the “best” when we shower them in all the things they want, when, in truth, all they really need is our time and love. I learned with my two sons that kids are much happier and content when they don’t have so many “things” overwhelming their life, but time and attention to who they are as people help to form character in them.

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I’ am a new reader, sent from my love of Edies blog and Pinterest and Love love love all that you have to say. This post, and others like it here, about purging and minimalizing really speak to me. I love to shop, but I am constantly battling stuff and organization in my home. I am on a mission to save money, clean out and as I do and blog about it, I’ll let you know how it’s going:) thanks for being an inspiration and don’t listen to the negatives…everyone has their own thing and maybe this just struck them way too hard. I work in an elementary school as a counselor and I see the consequences of overindulgence in children far too often. If more parents were like you, our younger generation would not be as spoiled and hard to entertain as they are! Thanks again!