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“It always feels a bit weird starting a new project. It’s like your first day of school or first day of work. The thing to always bear in mind is that everyone else is in the exact same position as you, and no matter how many times you do it, you always feel the same way. It’s all about getting that first scene laid down. Once that’s done, you can then kind of breathe. Our director, Marc Jobst, was and is a delight to work with. It felt like there was a lot of time and no rush. It was about getting it right, so the experience was quite easy and enjoyable.”

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The purpose of Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc. (DTRT) is to recognize and reward Miami youths for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds through a unique partnership with the City of Miami Police Department, the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, and other participating law enforcement agencies in Miami-Dade. The DTRT Awards Program distinguishes exceptional school-age children who choose to be drug and crime free, exhibit non-violent behavior, do well in school, make a difference in their communities, and demonstrate turnaround behavior. Each month of the school year, parents, police officers, teachers, and other adults nominate up to 1,000 children for “doing the right thing.” A selection committee reviews the nominations and selects ten finalists for the month who are honored at a ceremony at police headquarters in downtown Miami.

A Candid Discussion with Farm Leaders — After a sit-down with commodity group leaders at Commodity Classic, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue took questions from the media Thursday. Perdue told the Red River Farm Network it was a very candid discussion. "For wheat, sorghum and soybean people, trade was a big issue, certainly. We talked about how we can grow demand," said Perdue. " With corn growers, we talked about different things. We talked about engaging honestly and forthrightly into the RFS issue. Let's be problem solvers, bringing facts to the table and persuade the President and the American people that agriculture is part of the solution." President Donald Trump has announced a tariff on foreign-made steel and aluminum, prompting fears of a trade war between the U.S. and China. Agriculture would be at risk if trade retaliation takes place. "We expect that there could be a response and we need to be prepared from a mitigation perspective," said Perdue.