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Although this is an important group to study, the chronicity and severity of the violence they witness may not accurately represent the range of experiences and symptoms reported by children exposed to less severe forms of domestic violence.

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(1996) surveyed adult women in the community and found that those who reported witnessing domestic violence as children reported higher psychological distress and lower social adjustment than those who had not witnessed violence.

Although the research on exposure to domestic violence is steadily improving, there are limitations and methodological shortcomings that must be addressed:

(1995) found that witnessing domestic violence was associated with depression, low self-esteem, and trauma symptoms in adult women and trauma symptoms in adult men.

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Although domestic violence is typically thought of in terms of a physical assault, it includes verbal and emotional abuse, sexual assaults, and murder.

Edleson (1999) discussed the different ways in which children can witness or be a part of domestic violence (see also Ganley & Schechter, 1996).

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Children may be exposed to various types of violence including violence in the media (e.g., television or movies), in the shool or in the community, and between adults at home.

This fact sheet will focus primarily on children’s experiences of witnessing domestic violence.

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