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A literary analysis of dreams by timothy findley

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Timothy Findley and the Aesthetics of Fascism: ..

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Mar 13, 2014 · The Wars by Timothy Findley

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Timothy Findley received a Governor General's ..

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I am now writing Findley's biography. My publisher, Iris Tupholme at Harper-Collins Canada, had talked first with Findley and Whitehead and said they were enthusiastic. At the time I thought: this is an imagination I would like to know intimately; it is a mind I could never exhaust. I had hoped for long conversations with Tiff. Now my conversations with him will take place within the pages of his books. And those who watched or participated in his life will speak of its meaning.

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As I begin my reading, I hold to a comment he made about : "Dreadful things happen, but the book ends up saying 'Yes!' " That's what moves me about Timothy Findley: despite the darkness he perceived, he always found the stamina to affirm.