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For example, 22% of all students under21 compared to 18% over 21 years of age are heavy drinkers.

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1. It could reduce or even eliminate unsafe drinking activities.
One of the most dangerous times for drinking in the United States is between the age of 18 – 20. At the age of 18, people gain all of their legal adult rights… except the right to drink. By allowing even a supervised drinking ability for those in this age bracket, it could reduce or eliminate risky drinking behaviors that can lead to bad decisions.

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Despite the age of 21 in the United States, several states have exemptions that allow for alcohol consumption for those under 21. A majority of states allow for private consumption of alcohol. About a dozen states even allow for alcohol consumption for educational purposes! This all has people thinking – would lowering the drinking age be of any benefit to society?

My opinion is that we should lower the drinking age to 18 years of age or let separate states decide, but stress alcohol education in schools at an early age.

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While there has been a decrease in per capita consumption and motorvehicle crashes, unfortunately, during this same time period there hasbeen an INCREASE in other problems related to heavy and irresponsibledrinking among college age youth.

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These include: education concerning drunk driving, designated driver programs, increased seat belt and air bag usage, saferautomobiles, lower speed limits, free taxi services from drinkingestablishments, etc.

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Significant increase were also found for other variables: "cutting classafter drinking" jumped from 9% to almost 12%; "missing class because ofhangover" went from 26% to 28%; "getting lower grade because of drinking"rose from 5% to 7%; and "been in a fight after drinking" increased from12% to 17%.

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The decrease in drinking and driving problems are the result of manyfactors and not just the rise in purchase age or the decreased per capitaconsumption.

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McCardell is right that the U.S. has an odd and dysfunctional relationship with alcohol, and his voice is refreshing in a debate dominated by MADD pieties. But lowering the drinking age is going too far.

Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age?

In the early 70’s when baby boomers were dealing with the Vietnam war there was pressure to lower the drinking age, so many states (29 of them) lowered the LDA to either 18 or 19.

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1. Younger brains are more susceptible to alcohol consumption.
By lowering the drinking age, it would be putting a societal stamp of approval on the damage that alcohol can cause in the developing brain. Emotional development, organization, and planning can all be affected by early and regular alcohol consumption. Though it’s true that kids will still likely drink, that doesn’t mean society needs to approve of that decision.