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For some it comes naturally, while others are too nervous when it comes to communicating.
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What Are the Benefits of Effective Communication in …

This is not the end of the story. Other costs impacting companies include dampened innovation, lower employee productivity and increased incidence of product defects. Communicating effectively both internally and externally to the organization and at all levels of management, without doubt, impacts cash flow and revenue. Communication practices also affect the balance sheet, with the top communicating companies experiencing some 30% higher market valuation compared with their poorer communicating cousins.1

Good working relations at the workplace ensure a friendly and conflict-free working environment.
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What is Effective Workplace Communication

In organisation surveys (and also in exit interviews) employees frequently say that no one ever tells them anything or listens to them – but managers say in reply that they seem never to stop communicating with employees on important matters.

Practical guide on building a culture of constructive feedback in the workplace.
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You never know, anyone can come up with a great idea when least expected.Importance of Communication in the Workplace

Building Trust
Employees would always feel motivated if the management communicates about any changes in the working strategy or the company policies.

Consider these four areas in which communication may fail to be effective.
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Communication in the workplace improves overall workplace culture

Two in three projects begun meet with . The cost of project cost blowouts, budget overruns and project cancellations to business and governments is massive. Poor communication is cited as the main cause of failure for IT projects by 28% of respondents in a survey conducted by a national association of IT professionals.6

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When you have information like this about the communication in your organisation you can then develop a communication plan to improve the effectiveness of communication between management and the workforce.

Main Components of Communication in the Workplace

Change in business structures, systems and processes is accelerating. Yet well more than half of to meet their objectives. Important here is the communications skills of managers in being able to deal with resistance to needed changes. A Towers Watson survey reveals only three out of 10 employees report their manager as effective at dealing openly with resistance to change. Companies with highly effective communication practices are more than three times as likely to employ managers skilled in change communications as less effective organizations.5

Making Communication in the Workplace Effective

Occupational health and safety accidents and stress related illnesses cost organizations and taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Inadequate communication is a major factor in many of these incidents. For example, the US Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation reported the primary root cause of inadvertent patient harm was communication failure in over 70% of cases.7