This document was the Articles of Confederation.

These were just few of many things that gave fault to the Articles of Confederation.

The Articles of Confederation was made.

The central failure of the Congress was related to its limited . Because it could not impose taxes on the states, the national government's authority and effectiveness was severely limited. Given this major encumbrance, the accomplishments of the Congress were quite impressive. First of all, it raised the Continental Army, kept it in the field, and managed to finance the war effort.

was governed by the Articles of Confederation.

This plan of government, however, proved to be too weak and it could not control the people or pay the debts that the country had acquired from the Revolutionary War.

While granted the western lands from the British, actual ownership of this land and how to best settle it was enormously controversial. Although states had ceded their own claim to western land to the national government as part of their ratification of the Articles of Confederation, this threatened to reemerge as a postwar problem. Many Americans had ignored legal restrictions on western settlement and simply struck out for new land that they claimed as their own by right of occupation. How could a national Congress with limited financial resources and no coercive power deal with this complex problem?

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It consisted of eighty-five articles that were published on several New York newspapers for roughly seven months between October 27, 1787 and May 28, 1788.

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A leading academic has urged policy-makers to stop trying tocombat corruption by introducing new rules and instead to spendmore time determining the effectiveness of the rules already inplace.

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Under the Articles of Confederation, the National Government did not have the power to tax citizens for military reasons, draft citizens for the military, or create a common monetary system.

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Before the war had ended, the Second Congress of the Confederation called for the drafting of a new government in order to govern this new country, which the Articles of Confederation established.