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Introduction In Elizabethan England the genre of the revenge tragedy was very popular
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While Romeo's death is not immediately caused by his instrument of revenge, his act of revenge sets in motion the chain of events that, in the end, causes his death.)

The law of unintended consequences holds that whether or not what you do has the effect you intend, it will have consequences that you don't expect and therefore consequences that you don't intend.

The story of Hamlet, the young prince of Denmark, is one of tragedy, revenge, deception, and ghosts.
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Shakespeare's exploration of Hamlet's complex thoughts and emotions is perhaps more the focus of the play rather than that of revenge, thus in Hamlet Shakespeare greatly develops and enhances the form of the traditional revenge tragedy.

Hamlet waits and attains the status of hero because, learning from the killing of Polonius, he won't kill for revenge alone.
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Hamlet delays his revenge of his fathers death not because he is a coward but because his psychological feelings and need for a perfect revenge cause him to delay in order to wait for the perfect moment to kill Claudius....

The soliloquy serves to effectively illustrate the inner nature of Hamlet's character and develop the theme of revenge....
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Perhaps what is so appealing about this masterpiece, the tragic story of the death of King Hamlet, murdered by Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, who later marries Queen Gertrude in order to take the throne, and Prince Hamlet’s journey to exact revenge on Claudius for all he’s done to the kingdom, is the fact that revenge plays a rather large role throughout the play, being what motivates Hamlet to pretend insanity in order to succeed....

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In William Shakespeare’s tragedy-play “Hamlet”, this concept of revenge is sent to be terribly apparent, that to the current day reflects an unchanged response of anger and deceitful actions....

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Gunnar Boklund gives a reason for the highlighting of the melancholy aspect of the protagonist in Shakespeare’s Hamlet in his essay “Judgment in Hamlet”: In the tragedy of Hamlet Shakespeare does not concern himself with the question whether blood-revenge is justified or not; it is raised only once and very late by the protagonist (v,ii,63-70)and never seriously considered....

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Whereas in Senecan tragedythe act of vengeance occurs off-stage only to be reported, Jacobeandramatists were keenly aware that their audiences expected somethingmore spectacular: Vindici, who often comments on the very natureof Revenge drama, declares, "When the bad bleeds, then isthe tragedy good." Middleton incorporates many of thesedramatic elements effectively, particularly the question of therevenger's sanity.