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European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

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Investigators are encouraged to research working conditions where the study results will be applicable and generalizable to situations beyond that of the study.

These conditions have direct and indirect effects on the risk of falling or staying in poverty.

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As part of QuIC’s initiative, AHRQ has co-sponsored two conferences with other QuIC agencies (one in 1999 and one in 2000), that explored the evidence for an effect of health care working conditions on quality of care.

This note outlines an approach for a systematic cross-country comparison of the relationship between globalization and working conditions.

Building on insights gained the previous year, the second conference, held in October, 2000 “Enhancing Working Conditions and Patient Safety: Best Practices,” examined the effect of working conditions on a specific aspect of health care quality - patient safety.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

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SPECIAL REQUIREMENTSTo enhance the effectiveness of the grant recipients for this RFA and other investigators, AHRQ plans to hold an annual conference for its investigators conducting research on improving the healthcare workplace and quality of care.

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Though this RFA does not identify a specific study design, health care organizations applying for the set-aside funds must perform intervention studies that examine the impact of innovative strategies in health care working conditions on quality of care.

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Recognizing the inherent risk of transitions between healthcare settings, AHRQ especially welcomes applications that examine the effect of working conditions, such as call schedules and emergency coverage arrangements, as well as the relationship of information transfer between health care providers— across shifts or during transitions of care— on quality of care.

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Though these improvement strategies in working conditions may impact on intermediate outcomes, such as cognitive ability on direct testing, AHRQ requires that these applications specifically examine the impact of these strategies on patient care outcomes and quality indicators.

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The extent to which the analytic approach draws on the proven innovations and experience of other industries (e.g., aviation, manufacturing) that have made improvements in working conditions that have improved the quality of their product or service.

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Though the Industrial Revolution enriched wealthy and impoverished poor.
Predicted that workers would overthrow owners and they would take control of society.
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Reform Laws - helped out with abuses in industrialization and with the poor working conditions.
Children - Under 9 : Can't work.