Working parents have a lot to juggle, and this can create stress

The Impact of Working Mothers on Child Development

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Additionally, there’s nothing to say working mothers should be less able than their non-working peers to discipline and monitor their children. In fact, Dr Mendolia points out that the positive effect of having a working mum - a woman who probably values independence and is a strong role model for her children - could offset any negative effects of her absence.

There can be both negative and positive effects of working mothers on their children

Parents' Effect on Child Behavior

Now the father's role has long been viewed as an important mediator of the link between the mother's employmentstatus and child outcomes. The finding that when mothers are employed, fathers are more active in household tasks andchild care was reported in the 1950's and repeatedly through the years. Further, evidence has been provided whichsuggests that the father's role-sharing is an effect of maternal employment and not just a selective factor. Even when theresearcher controls on gender-role attitudes, this effect is found, and the increased involvement of fathers in householdtasks and child care is reported by mothers as a change that occurred when they re-entered the labor force. However, twostudies, one by Nan Crouter at Penn State and the Michigan study, found that the greater involvement of fathers withchildren is confined to the functional interactions. Fathers in employed mother families, in general, are not more active inleisure/fun interaction. However, there is an interesting gender effect: fathers in single-wage families interact more withsons than daughters, but fathers in dual-wage families interact with sons and daughters equally.

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What are sleep-onset associations?
Whatever your baby connects with falling asleep (like being rocked, fed, or sucking their thumb, for example) is called a sleep-onset association. When they wake up, they will need that thing to be able to fall back to sleep. If you want your child to go back to sleep on their own when they wake up at night, then you should encourage sleep-onset associations that do not involve you, the parents. How do you do this? When you put your child to bed, you can rock or feed your child to make them sleepy, but stop before they actually go to sleep. Put your child to bed when they are still awake, so they learn to go to sleep without you there. Children who have a more difficult temperament may have more trouble with sleep-onset associations.

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Whereas most of the maternal employment research on older children has looked mainly at child outcomes, theresearch on infants and preschoolers has looked directly at parent-child interaction. This is because for infants and youngchildren, valid outcome measures are difficult to obtain. These studies have looked at the quantity and quality of themother-child interaction, the home environment, and the parent-child attachment relationship.

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Now in these analyses, we control for many variables, including the mother's education, but it is possible that there aresome self-selection factors involved nevertheless. Thus, it is possible, that mothers who elect to stay home and avoidemployment, may be mothers who are particularly committed to obedience and that this difference may not only be afunction of employment status but also a precursor. And similarly, higher educational goals for children may be amotivation for employment. We examined these possibilities in our analyses, and the data supported a direction ofcausality from the mothers' employment status to parenting styles to child outcomes, but there may also be some self-selection involved.