A timeline of the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt

During the Old and Middle kingdoms, men usually wore a short skirt called a kilt.

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The Middle Kingdom was a time of achievements for the ancient Egyptians. Art took on new styles and techniques, like the block style, where art was produced from large blocks of stone. Irrigation projects at the Faiyum, a large oasis on the west bank of the Nile in Lower Egypt, increased harvests. An oasis is a fresh water source in a desert. The Faiyum is not actually an oasis, because, though it is in the desert, its water comes directly from the Nile.

Men first hunted on foot, however, by the time of the New Kingdom, men used horses and chariots.

The three kingdoms were the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms

His Horus name was
Ka-Waf-Taw (Bull who conquers the land) and his "Two Ladies" name was
Aa-nerw (He who inspires great terror).
Best known for his building of the Temple of Karnak in Thebes
He also restored the mines at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai where he also
expanded the Middle Kingdom temple of Hathor.
Established cult of Amun at Karnak

Pyramids were once again being used to bury the pharaohs, after a lapse,
where kings were buried in rock-hewn tombs during the first intermediate period,
but were never anywhere near the size and splendor of those built in the Old

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For example the reigns of the early New Kingdom pharaohs Tao II, Kamose, Ahmose, Amenhotep I, Thutmose I
and Thutmose II were not sequential, but overlapped substantially.

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To circumvent this possibility and toenable his wife to receive either a larger part of the share, orto allow her to dispose of all the property, a husband could doseveral things:1) In the Middle Kingdom, he could draw up an, a "house document," which was a legalunilateral deed for donating property.

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Indeed, the system of dividingthe estate described in the law code--or something similar to it--might have existed at least as early as the New Kingdom, sincethe contains the passage, "Do not say,'My grandfather has a house.

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When they were ready, Kamose, of Thebes, sailed down the Nile with an army and attacked the Hyksos. unfortunately, Kamose was killed in battle. Kamose's next-in-command and brother, named Ahmose, finally drove the Hyksos out of Egypt. We will learn more about Ahmose, in the next chapter on the New Kingdom.

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However, from the New Kingdom onward,and certainly by the Ptolemaic Period, such evidence pertainsmore and more to the non-elite, i.e., to women of the middle andlower classes.

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Most of the textual and archaeological evidence for the role ofwomen that survives from prior to the New Kingdom pertains to theelite, not the common folk.

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The Middle Empire reaches its height under Tukulti-Ninurta I, from 1243-1207, who holds Babylon 1220-1213 (or 1235-1227) and is the first King to use the title "King of Kings," which becomes familiar in subsequent states, down to the .