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The Detroit native only played 13 shows during our scoring period, but he sure made them count.

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Do you think society and fans are taking rap too seriously? You suggest that on a few of the new songs — "Business," "White America."
Hip-hop as a whole is bigger than ever, and it just keeps getting bigger, just when you think it can't — kinda like my dick. I seen an interview with Tupac once — he was a huge influence on my life — where he said if you see a rose growing in concrete, you'll stop and look at it. It could be the most incredible thing you've ever seen, and instead of wondering how this rose grows from concrete, all you want to talk about is how the stem leans to the side and the petals are dried up. The fact that the rose is growing from concrete isn't enough to amaze you, you want to pick out all of the things that are wrong with it.
That's the truest statement in the world. Take this music for what it is. It's got some fucking cuss words in it. If you don't want to listen to it because of that, then don't. Live your happy fucking life, do whatever. Half of the shit I say and other rappers say, they might have done it, but they're not telling you to go out and do it. When Jay-Z said he used to push weight back in '88, he's not necessarily glamorizing it and telling you to do it. He's telling you that's what he did and that he turned his life into something positive.

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They did meet, but the free-flowing feeling wasn't quite there at first. "Em and his manager came in, and Em didn't say a word for about twenty minutes," Grazer says. "He just stared. I was only getting the icy part. It got really uncomfortable. But then, Em just opened up and told me about his life for over an hour." They enlisted the talents of Curtis Hanson, director of L.A. Confidential and Wonder Boys. "He's an extraordinarily gifted artist," Hanson says of Eminem. "If Internet piracy kills the music business, Marshall Mathers need not worry. He'll have another career."

Some of your lyrics about her mother?
No. Kim is pregnant. I have no idea who the father is. I just know she's due any day. So Hailie is going to have a baby sister. It's going to be tough the day she asks me why her baby sister can't come over. I've tried to keep her sheltered from those issues. Of course, she's going to find out shit as she goes through life, but I really don't want her to learn all the fucked-up shit on my shift.
But, you know, Hailie listens to my music, and I go back and forth with myself a lot about it. When I was six, music flew by my head. But I caught it if there was a swear word. If I have a song that has a lot of swear words in a row, I make her clean versions and play those in the car. I don't cuss around my daughter. If someone else is around and they say the f-word, she's heard it before; I don't say, "Hey, watch your mouth around my daughter." That would be ridiculous. After all, I'm Eminem, Mr. Potty-Mouth King. I try to be a liberal parent and be open about things. If somebody is smoking a joint in a movie and she asks, "Daddy?" I say it's a cigarette — a big cigarette if it's a Cheech and Chong movie. She doesn't know about drugs yet, and she's not old enough for me to explain that they're doing drugs and those are bad.