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Can Frankfurt really be right that people don’t value economic equality for its own sake

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His efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he discovers 'stepping,' a traditional dance performed by African-American fraternities.

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When bright six year old Ruby is chosen to be the first African-American to integrate her local New Orleans elementary school, she is subjected to the true ugliness of racism for the very first time.

Her action and the reaction of the authorities helps birth the modern civil rights movement in the United States, and makes her an inspiring icon and lodestone to all involved with the struggle for equality, including a young Martin Luther King.

They adamantly opposed equality for African Americans.

United Artists owned the distribution rights to the Associated Artists Productions library at that time, and decided to pull these eleven cartoons from broadcast because they are based on racist depictions of African Americans and are deemed too offensive for contemporary audiences.

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In this interracial love story, an African American businessman falls for a beautiful Indian immigrant who's family was expelled from Uganda under the reign of dictator, Idi Amin.

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Cast: Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor, Rico Dawson. African-American baseball pitcher Bingo Long, tired of being jerked around by the less-than-ethical managers of the Negro League teams, forms his own barnstorming ball club.

gain full equality for African Americans.

When a young African-American doctor operates on two white brothers brought in for gunshot wounds, it sets off a chain of violent confrontations between a vicious psychopath, his gang and the black community.

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""Why Didn't They Tell Me I'm a Negro?": Lost Boundaries and the Moral Landscape of Race." In: Hollywood be thy name : African American religion in American film, 1929-1949 Berkeley : University of California Press, c2007.

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"A paralyzed African-American war veteran Private Peter Moss (Edwards) begins to walk again only when he confronts his fear of forever being an "outsider." The film utilizes the recurrent theme of a diverse group of men being subjected to the horror of war and their individual reactions, in this case, the hell of jungle combat against the Japanese in WW II.

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Nick, the proprietor of a Bourbon Street gambling joint, an artistic haven for African-American musicans who gather and jam from dusk til dawn, falls in love with an opera-singing socialite.