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'The Monkey Wrench Gang' by Ed Abbey ..

The Monkey Wrench Gang is an adventurous novel about a gang of environmentalists who set out to destroy bulldozers, bridges, cars, trains, signs or anything that is destroying their beautiful country, the American southwest.

Edward Abbey, author of The Monkey Wrench Gang, ..

The group known as the Monkey Wrench Gang consists of four very different characters: Seldom Seen Smith, also known as Joseph Smith, George Washington Hayduke, Doctor A.

Anyone who falls in love with the wild and scenic places of the Southwest will eventually fall in love with this book, for such places are always under assault, and Abbey's fantasy—about a band of rag tag misfits who fight back against the unchecked forces of capitalism—is good, rabble-rousing fun. And who can forget the character of George Heyduke, the recently returned Green Beret hell-bent on using his sick reconnaissance skills and propensity for explosives to protect the land and its critters? Hell, this book gave us the term monkey wrench—which, you'll have to admit, is a whole lot catcher than saboteur (which is way too classy for what is ultimately good old-fashioned redneck fun, in defense of Planet Earth). And yes, Abbey was sexist—the novel's sole female figure is a fetching bimbo prone to hero worship—but the importance of this book cannot be denied, and in the time of Standing Rock and direct action protests everywhere, extreme tactics begin to look a lot less extreme.