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I am sad that you have been unable to learn from the 101 reasons that evolution is true.

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2. “Why do you believe in evolution -> my science teacher said it was true -> my parents believe it -> it is a generally accepted theory -> all my friends believe it”

We continue our review of Jerry Coyne’s book, Why Evolution is True

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One of the most useful properties of scientific theories is that they can be used to make predictions about natural events or phenomena that have not yet been observed. For example, the theory of gravitation predicted the behavior of objects on the moon and other planets long before the activities of spacecraft and astronauts confirmed them. The evolutionary biologists who discovered Tiktaalik predicted that they would find fossils intermediate between fish and limbed terrestrial animals in sediments that were about 375 million years old. Their discovery confirmed the prediction made on the basis of evolutionary theory. In turn, confirmation of a prediction increases confidence in that theory.

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This article is honestly too brief in each of its explanations. While they are good examples of how micro-evolution (speciation) has occured, it shouldn’t be called “101 reasons why evolution is true”, but “101 reasons why micro-evolution (speciation) is true.”


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wow, the different sizes of dogs is not a part of evolution, neither is the color of birds feathers. not all humans look the same and it’s not because of evolution. yes, some of the things you did say have to do with where they live, like for people in africa, yeah, there skin is darker, not because their ansestors are monkeys though, it’s because of how close to the equator and how much sun that part of the world gets. goosebumps are because the muscles get tight, and yes, we’re mammals, but not because, again, we came from monkeys. this is all a bunch of bull and you need to take more details and look at both sides. if evolution was real, y r things still not evolving, and y can’t horses breed with cows, skunks breed with chickens, monkeys breed with frogs if we all came from the same cell? there r more things proving evolution wrong more than right.

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And there’s more and more being discovered all the time. Without the theory of evolution, this is just a list of trivia. Through evolution, all of these facts fit together into one incredibly beautiful painting of how we came to be here today.

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Let me point out that fossilization is rare, thus the fossil record can’t possibly include most of the intermediary fossils needed to prove macro-evolution to be true. Skeptical that fossilization is rare because there are billions of fossils? There are quadrillions, quintillions, or even sextillions of life-forms living today. If macro-evolution did happen, then there are quadrillions, quintillions, or even sextillions of “missing links” (all the life that didn’t fossilize).

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Note: some of these animals, like the bivalves (clams and so forth) are still with us today. They look pretty much the same as they always did, even though the theory of evolution would have us believe they are very primitive life forms and should have changed a little by now! (We will comment further when discussing “living fossils” in the next section.)