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Most of us when studying a new language at some point need to overcome the fear of speaking in that language in public. It’s all fine when we are speaking and conversing in an English class but then when we have to speak English maybe in front of our colleagues or in front of our important clients it is a different story and it seems that our level is never good enough and that all in a sudden we have forgotten all that we have studied before…

Public Speaking at Work: How To Overcome Your Fear and Ace Your Presentation

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A Toastmasters Club is a nonprofit organization designed to help individuals become better communicators through leadership training and public speaking practice. There are groups and chapters all over the United States and even across the globe, so there’s bound to be one within your vicinity, no matter where you are.

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Thirdly focus on the business result you want to get out of your meeting. If you go in a meeting the result you probably want to achieve is never to speak perfect English, right? So why do you sometimes give so much credit to how correctly you are going to speak in English? Your aim is to make yourself understood in order to get the business result that you want, that’s all. And you can trust me on this…your body language and intonation are the most important parts of your communication and not the words; how you say things and your body language value a 93% in your successful communication. So show confidence with a few grammar mistakes rather than no confidence because you are too worried to get the right words in English, and I am sure you will get the business results that you want.

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