In one of the first scenes a blood-stained Captain ..

Analyzing theme, tone, and figurative language with Walt Whitman’s “O Captain

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For example, in my WIP , I’m looking at an overarching series theme of Faith. But, via that, I’m able to explore all kinds of sub-themes, including Hope, Doubt, Steadfastness, Loyalty, Love, and Disbelief.

he asks only to be called captain, ..

I have some loose and varied themes I’m interested in exploring (several are already closely related, others not as much), and the seeds for many are already present in my story. For my series theme, do I look at my existing pieces and extrapolate something like a Common Multiple in math, or should I just choose the most narratively promising of my seed and spread it and its sub-themes throughout the series while I cull out and save my other theme seeds for later?

The Captain America movies are consistently some of the strongest entries in the series simply because they understand their protagonist Steve Rogers so well and never flinch from portraying him as exactly what he is—in all his stodgy, old-fashioned, stubborn, principled, loyal dimensions. The theme emanates directly from the heart of the main character, and the result is a theme that feels incredibly coherent and pertinent within the story’s action elements.