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And yes, it is possible that we may see assisted-suicide, euthanasia and "third-way" killing legalized across the country if a return to traditional American values does not occur. I certainly hope not, but "why not?" say the utilitarians. If we don't affirm traditional values of reverence for life, anyone can be killed, anyone can commit suicide, so long as it is done through a government-approved agency. In Oregon, physician-assisted suicide is legal, yet anyone other than a physician aiding the suicide of a person commits a crime. As we know, patients may be involuntarily medically-killed as in the Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere. Supposed "safeguards" built into the new laws written by euthanasia proponents will be violated with impunity and prosecutors will refuse to act, just as they refuse to prosecute medical killings in the end-of-life care arena (or elsewhere). And without enforcement, the practice of medical killing is applied to a wider group of victims.

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It can't get clearer than that. The goal is to link databases together. State health information exchanges become that follow a person wherever they are in the country. State "enhanced" ID cards become national ID cards because they will be recognized nationwide. "Whoa!" I can hear you saying to yourself right now! "This guy's gone off the deep end?" "This is too much!" But these are just the facts. There is no wild "conspiracy theory." This is what is already happening. Big government, big corporations, together controlling what happens to individuals in our society. What really is "corporatism" or "corporate fascism?" It meant one thing years ago in Italy and Germany during WW II, but for our discussion, it can mean the control of government by the very powerful and ultra-rich; today that means the corporations. It's a type of fascism that does not involve nationalism.

And while the feds can point to the "President and CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities," that's just one person among dozens of other representatives of corporate interests such as Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser, Xerox, and BJC Health Care. Why isn't the list dominated by representatives of and advocates for the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill or just plain American citizens all across the land? Why aren't representatives from National Right to Life or church leaders included? What about all the patient advocacy groups and disability advocacy groups?

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There is very little difference between passive euthanasia (where a needed treatment or medication is withheld to make a patient die) and intentional rationing that the bureaucrats know will result in death. Rationing is the withholding of treatments or medications. Going even further, in the United Kingdom, the government is providing the school children with more information about euthanasia and assisted-suicide:

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"NHPCO continues this work." Yes. That is exactly what they're doing. We've seen the direct connection between NHPCO and the Euthanasia Society of America, but NHPCO doesn't go back that far in their timeline showing the direct legal linkage to the Euthanasia Society. They show their connections going back to "Choice In Dying," something much more palatable to the public. To let the complete corporate "lineage" out would undo the results of decades-long public relations efforts that misdirect the public (selling them on Dame Cicely Saunders' vision while providing them with Florence Wald, RN's vision including the provision of assisted-suicide even for economic or social reasons). That they are using Third Way terminal sedation rather than "assisted-suicide" makes no difference. Legalization of assisted-suicide has resulted in dozens of deaths per year in Oregon for example. Terminal sedation and other means of imposing death have easily resulted in over 100,000 deaths per year. It's "bait and switch." Truth sometimes doesn't sell well when you've got a dirty secret to hide.

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There are thousands who know what is going on. Any doctor in America knows what can happen. Attorneys know what can happen. Families and health care professionals stand ready to go on record. I can't imagine a more urgent public-interest story about the health care industry than this, yet the investigations are just shut down.

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Hospice is the "sacred cow" of health care and criticism of it is discouraged, strongly. High-level editors in the media know not to release information damaging to hospice's reputation. Actually, negative news about hospice is censored by every level of the major media. Years ago, I used to try to reach the media and have them cover these urgent problems and publish stories about what's really happening in hospice. After a while, I gave up, realizing they weren't interested in investigating or covering the story. It didn't matter if we had physicians or nurses who would go on record about the issues. It didn't matter if there were autopsy results showing a morphine overdose caused death. Facts didn't matter. They weren't interested.