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There was a recent survey conducted in former communist Eastern Europe asking for opinions on their experience between communism and free markets. One particular question stood out which lies at the heart of the free market (aka capitalism): the preference between universal economic safety net versus the pursuit of (economic) happiness. Although the responses varied between countries, all the countries overwhelmingly picked the safety net.

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Meanwhile, after World War I, Bohemia (and Moravia) became part of Czechoslovakia with the hitherto Slovak part of Hungary and the "Sub-Carpathian " that had also been part of Hungary and that now has been joined to the .
The most prosperous country in Eastern Europe, Czechoslovakia was first dismembered and terrorized by Nazi Germany and then fell to Communism through an internal coup (with the probable murder, but official suicide, of Jan Masaryk, son of the first President of the Republic -- Eduard Benésh, the pre-War President, soon resigned and died himself), the only country in Eastern Europe not to become Communist merely through Soviet occupation.

I am not personally emerged in this conflict , i am from a far country ( lebanon ) and i don’t care about politics so i can be subjective . I’ve visited many places in the world including
USA ,the biggest liberal economy nowadays and china the biggest communist economy nowadays , in china there is no poor people , not a single one , can you believe it ? Education , health care , food , houses and many recreational activities are afforded for everybody , other extras are previllages to certains of the population , in USA surprisingly and contrary to the propaganda the essential things are a previllage , most of the people is under stress , work like machines to pay their debts to banks , pooverty , homelessness and joblessness are considerably diffused among the sociaty . if it is about the ammount of money a person can do , then liberal system is better , if it is about the standard of living than communist is by far better , if a person does 50 usd per month and lives well and has no social fears better than doing 3000 and hardly lives with them and be always under the stress of loosing his job , i guess in eastern europe better to return to communicsm if they still have the opportunity in the west they have no opportunity at all , lobbies of rich persons has formed an iron system over decades and are enrolling that world .

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First of all, we’re talking about a significant number of countries, around 15. You can’t generalize about living standards in Eastern Europe, because these countries are different and had different living standards even back in the Communist times. I can give first-hand witness for my country, Bulgaria. We now have access to a much wider variety of imported goods – foods, clothes, cars, technology. Some of those were impossible to find under the communism. However, our own production, both industrial and agricultural, has been decimated. The raw purchasing power of the average person has decreased a lot, several times in fact. Access to health care has become much more difficult and expensive (was completely free before). Elderly people, pensioners, are forced to live with 100-200 euro pensions PER MONTH. Many of them are starving, most of them can’t afford proper health care. Trust me, they’re not happy at all about the changes in living standards.

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Jesus…first of all we have to make clear who are we talking of: not all communist/socialist countries in Eastern or Central Europe are also post-Soviet countries:

Actually, he orchestrated a full-scale bombing campaign

We also should emphasise that the very rich people’s assets and wealth has been increased in last years, it means that they have no fear or normal behaviour. Since the communism collapsed, all those elite think they can do whatever they want with the people, the environment. Many of my English or Italian friends say they had much better living standards in 70’s, 80’s, when communism existed in East Europe! What is the reason? Probably the rich elite wasn’t si greedy that time…

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Similar levels of bloodshed were wrought by China’s Mao Tse-tung, who was responsible for the deaths of 65 million, according to the Black Book, and possibly more than 70 million, according to more recent biographical studies. And then there were the killing fields of North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and more. Really, the death generated by communist governments over the last 100 years is likely closer to 140 million.