Fast food contains foods that are high in fats, sugars, and starches.

The main food at a fast food restaurant is usually a burger and French fries.

Books like Fast Food Nation and documentaries like Food Inc.

It appears that lots of information accessible identifying the seriousness of the issue and covering awareness programs, citizen participation and government involvement.

Fast food and obesity as a cause of junk food consumption has become global problem in the world with millions people are still living in poverty and without access to clean water or daily meals.

The main fast-food companies that are effected is McDonald's and Burger King.

Eating junk food and fast food …

Of course, statistics are not yet encouraging, but the UAE approach is proven to be successful and the nation is on the right path in protecting future generations.


Our research observed various websites, articles and books, trying to identify currently discussed opinions and activities on the “Fast Food and Obesity” topic.

This monumental fast food industry has become a symbol of America and our diets.

As a result of business oriented environment and growing inflation, old fashioned home cooked healthy meals being replaced by questionable junk food as cheap solution.

Based on the information that we have gathered throughout project research, we have concluded that the fight against fast food and obesity is not an easy task.

Fast food is convenient, quick, and cheap, requiring hardly any effort.

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There are more options than ever before, and while the big name restaurants are slowing down and sometimes fading out, fast food restaurants keep their doors open and even open new ones....

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According to Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side off the All-American Meal, he believes “It’s easy, it's filling, and it's convenient and inexpensive.” Therefore, the consumption of fast food is now directly correlated to the obesity epidemic in America....

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The overall dynamic of the house has changed immensely since the 1920’s when fast food was first introduced to the American society, and even though the United States is still in a down economy, one thing remains the same, fast food restaurants.

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In our opinion, the media is profit oriented in promoting bad foods, where the people needs and the consequences of eating fast food is not linked back to media.

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This has lead fast food joints to profits, proving that there is an upside to our low economy Today's industry faces high real-estate prices and highway strips teeming with fast-fooleries, there is now one restaurant for every 2,700 Americans, compared with one for every 7,000 in the late 1970s (Clark).

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This will help to achieve desirable weight loss in best and effective way that is most suitable on individual bases.
General awareness of the fast food and obesity related consequences is rising in UAE.

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Researchers argue that fast food nutrition lead inevitably to increased child and adult obesity, a number of serious diseases, to mental problems and decreased interest in sport activities.