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Thank you for contacting our firm about our market~feasibility study and business plan services in regards to starting your private school. Our team at HEG is the global leader in school formation and management, having been involved in developing more than 100 private schools for a value of $1 billion in the USA, Canada, and internationally. We understand the key fundamentals needed to develop a successful school from the ground up and we provide customized ‘turn-key’ services for K-12 and/or Post-Secondary school formation. Our firm is experienced with developing for-profit and non-profit private K-12 schools, with specialized programming in:

So - If you want advice or help on any aspect of a Feasibility Study get in touch with me by filling in the Bronze Membership form here

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Pre-feasibility studies are well researched yet generic due diligence reports that facilitate potential entrepreneurs in project identification for investment

The main objective of the pre-feasibility studies prepared by SMEDA is to provide information about investment opportunities to the small & medium enterprises (SME’s). A typical pre-feasibility study provides:

Feasibility Study: Conduct business feasibility studies using this sample template for your project

It takes you through the process of completing a Feasibility Study by defining the business problem / opportunity, the alternative solutions available and the recommended solution for implementation.

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We have conducted feasibility studies for plants and processes from $10 million to more than a billion around the world. For examples please see under
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A market~feasibility study and business plan is a critical starting point and foundation for the development of your private school. Our firm has been involved in developing market~feasibility studies and business plans for hundreds of school projects in countries around the world and school types and have an experienced team in place to support your group -- be it for-profit or non-profit.

Our market~feasibility study and business planning approach quantifies start-up capital requirements and operational budget, break-even point, IRR, the feasibility of the school model in your market, enrollment projections, facility/site requirements, determination of the purpose and direction of the school, educational philosophy, human resource requirements, and conveyance of the proposition to your founding group. We formalize your educational, operational, and business model, and quantify enrollment projections, capital needed to open the school, and your five year budget to determine when you break-even, and your internal rates of return and pay-down to investors.