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The accusation of treason should never be made without Yet failure to report treason is itself a crime, known as The examination here will be limited to whether or not exists for finding that members of the legal profession occupying elected office in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, are guilty of treason. If probable cause exists, perhaps the Nation should grant amnesty to those potentialy guilty in exchange for their resignation from public office, rather than prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

The Federal statute implements Article III., Section 3, of the US Constitution, which defines treason.

The Federalist #10 (cont): A Democracy vs

The law makes the the standard to be met for the finding of actual treasonous intent. That standard has been met here. In addition an abundance of factual evidence exists to support the same conclusion. The legal profession is known to continually seek as much power in both the legislative and executive branches as it can. It does so to advance its own interests. Those interests like the interests of any other similar `same hands' faction or group, naturally favor that faction first and foremost and are therefore opposed to the interests of the Nation. Any member of the legal profession who succeeds in increasing the profession's political power by occupying elective public office in the legislative or executive branches of the federal government, can by inference, reasonably be charged with that knowledge and therefore for treasonous intent.

You can't eliminate the causes of faction without eliminating freedoms Since factions will exist, we need to mitigate them Federalist paper #10, summary? Does anyone know where I can find a good summary of Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers # 10.