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I have really had it with this attack on one of the cheapest and best foods that our children can and should be eating. My autistic son would barely eat anything else but peanut butter. And everywhere we go, we have to battle for his rights to eat it. The school owes people safety; it doesnt owe you changing what everyone else can do in order to accommodate you.

Expecting others to be fully informed about and giving each person at a school the responsibility to care for your child is incredulous.

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It is not the child nor the peanut butter that are the issues. It is the lack of balance in accommodating those who wish to eat peanuts, nuts, Nutella, peanut butter etc and keeping those safe who will go into anaphylactic shock if they touch it. The peanut butter protein is in the air of the peanut dust, not the oil. There are special cleaners for peanut oil that our schools use. There can be a nut free lunchroom these children can eat safely in while respecting the needs of the rest of the school community. One group should not control the rights of another group. There needs to be balance.

PS. As a special needs mom, I am just as happy to through my hat in and fight for food safety as I am to fight for my baby’s school access! Good luck!

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One alibi,
I truly believe every parent in this forum is here because they love their children and want to keep them safe.
I completely agree that any threat to the safety of a child is unacceptable, and will always seek to ensure every child is safe. I think that education is truly the key to this, and any other potentially dangerous scenario that our children may face. Just wanted to clarify that I am not in any way stating that the safety of the children should be second to the exposure to dangerous food groups for them. I am just stating that banning is not the solution. There are hazards everywhere. I personally was corrected for opening the janitors closet as a child where dangerous chemicals were stored. I never made that mistake again, but I can honestly say that education and vigilance by parents and school faculties members is of the upmost importance. Does it not make sense since the entire reason the children are even at school is to learn?

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Selfish arrogant narrow minded people. I’m just glad I am raising my children to be thoughtful and kind. My children would happily give up eating a food around a child with food allergies because they’ve been raised correctly! For those who are getting cross because their spoilt little brats could not possibly forgo a peanut butter sandwich at school, perhaps you should have taught them better! I’m presuming you’ve explained it could kill their classmate? Probably not!

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I agree. This is the responsibility of the parent to teach their children NOT to eat foods that they are allergic too instead of going to the extreme and banning PB&J from school. Our school banned them, I still send them to school with the children. The principle called me in for a meeting and we found out legally that they could not keep our children from school for it. Its not my responsibility to make sure your children know what and what not to eat. Only my own.

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A child’s right to eat peanuts does indeed trump your right!We don’t make rules to cow tow to 2% of the population, if you do not like it then go to a private school or home school