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What Are the Benefits of Firewall Security

Stateful multilayer inspection firewalls combine the aspects of the other three types of firewalls. They filter packets at the network layer, determine whether session packets are legitimate and evaluate contents of packets at the application layer. They allow direct connection between client and host, alleviating the problem caused by the lack of transparency of application level gateways. They rely on algorithms to recognize and process application layer data instead of running application specific proxies. Stateful multilayer inspection firewalls offer a high level of security, good performance and transparency to end users. They are expensive however, and due to their complexity are potentially less secure than simpler types of firewalls if not administered by highly competent personnel. ()

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Packet filtering firewalls work at the network level of the OSI model, or the IP layer of TCP/IP. They are usually part of a router. A router is a device that receives packets from one network and forwards them to another network. In a packet filtering firewall each packet is compared to a set of criteria before it is forwarded. Depending on the packet and the criteria, the firewall can drop the packet, forward it or send a message to the originator. Rules can include source and destination IP address, source and destination port number and protocol used. The advantage of packet filtering firewalls is their low cost and low impact on network performance. Most routers support packet filtering. Even if other firewalls are used, implementing packet filtering at the router level affords an initial degree of security at a low network layer. This type of firewall only works at the network layer however and does not support sophisticated rule based models (). Network Address Translation (NAT) routers offer the advantages of packet filtering firewalls but can also hide the IP addresses of computers behind the firewall, and offer a level of circuit-based filtering.

When it comes to technology and business, you want to make sure you have the right protection in place. The last thing you want is for important data to fall into the wrong hands. Long gone are the days where businesses could compete without protecting their technology infrastructure with firewalls. So be sure to get the right engineers working for you so you can enjoy success now and into the future.

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Together, the EAGLE20/30 firewalls with Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS) Software offer a solution capable of securing and protecting an entire industrial Network via strengthened security features. Customers can select from many options to create a device which exactly matches their requirements.

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One of the benefits of this firewall system is that a public information server providing Web and FTP services can be placed on the segment shared by the packet-filtering router and the bastion host.

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This paper focused on many of the issues relating to the construction of Internet firewalls, including their benefits, limitations, building blocks, and examples of firewall system topologies.