However, a few words will make itclear to the most unreflecting.

 Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland, Li2Go edition, (1885), accessed March 06, 2018, .
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Flatland: A romance of many dimensions

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is a classic 19th century novella that satirizes the social hierarchy of Victorian society using mathematical figures and ideas.

Women are believed incapable of advanced thinking, and are thus prevented from gaining an education, or even learning how to read and write.
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His mother Jane was a first cousin of his father, so both had the name of Abbott which explains Edwin Abbott Abbott having 'Abbott' as both a surname and a middle name.

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It had seemed to me fairly clear before I fell asleep; andwhen I first awoke, fresh from my dream, it had appeared as patent asArithmetic; but somehow it did not seem to me quite so obviousnow.

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