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In 1633 he left France for the last time to commence again the labors he had been forced to abandon. The remaining sixteen years of his life would be spent in the arduous task of evangelizing the savages of New France.

INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS. Ray Stedman - Now we come to the book of Numbers. In Numbers we have dramatically set forth what is perhaps the …
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Right away, Echon and five Hurons were kicked to their feet and commanded to sing their death song. And what a death song Echon sang as he poured forth sweet hymns to his Savior in the Huron tongue! Then, like ferocious lions, the savages grabbed the hands of this white giant and chewed this fingers to shreds while they led him to a post. Dropping to his knees Brebeuf kissed the wooden column as if it were the Cross of Christ. Then his broken hands were tied to it.

INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS. Ray Stedman - Now we come to the book of Numbers. In Numbers we have dramatically set forth what is perhaps the hardest lesson a …
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The prisoners were then beaten into file and roughly compelled to sustain a marching trot back to Saint Ignace. Upon their arrival at the site of what was to be their great citadel, the Iroquois “welcoming committee” hurried out to greet them. The captives were only too familiar with what awaited them. One by one they were made to run between two columns of savages who “caressed” their guests by pounding them with their knotty bludgeons.

Tragedy (from the Greek: τραγῳδία, tragōidia) is a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in audiences.
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Echon, during this period, was often allowed to address the Huron councils. He proposed that they abandon their superstitious practices and begin to obey the commandments of the “One-who-make-all.” Even though the sorcerers continued viciously to oppose the Fathers, Echon, with his logic and eloquence, won many of the chiefs and elder Hurons, who at least verbally agreed to obey the commandments of the Blackrobe’s God. Such promises, although encouraging, were by no means genuine conversions. For, while the savages longed for the joys of heaven and feared eternal hellfire, they still were not ready to accept the Catholic Faith nor its morality.

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Father Jogues still had not been detected. He could easily escape if he dashed for the woods. But, how could he flee? His friend Rene’ was a captive; he might be tortured and killed. Not only Rene’, but so many Christian Hurons and unbaptized Hurons who had been taken would need his priestly help. No, his people needed him; there were souls to be saved. Jumping up from his hiding place, Father Jogues waved his arms high in the air and shouted words of surrender. He was then apprehended and beaten my a Mohawk brave and soon found himself with the other prisoners. Falling upon the neck of Goupil, Jogues assured him, with tears, that this tragedy would be for the glory of God.