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Does Mary Shelley have any insights or criticisms with regard to the family and industrial society.

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+This new era was something that pushed or influenced Victor to create something he would soon regret.
The Creation of The Monster
The creation of Frankenstein's monster is a major theme in the novel which tells us that Frankenstein strives for more and more and goes crazy with science.
Theme of monstrosity
The monsters ugliness pushes everyone away from him which forces him to live a sad life hiding from people.

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He becomes aware of his monstrosity and attempts to approach the people that live in a house that he has been observing without scaring them.
Frankenstein's Guilt
Frankenstein feels extremely guilty for the monster he created because of all the awful things the monster has done.

He feels guilty for indirectly taking the innocent lives of others.
Victor Frankenstein regrets spending most of his time studying and not being with his family.
Victor's Regret
Regret of Victor's Love
Victor regrets not marrying Elizabeth earlier because if he would have married her earlier the monster may not have killed her
Victor Frankenstein spent most of his time trying to add to his knowledge and never had time for his family.
Regret of the Creation
Victor regrets creating the monster which killed his family and especially his love.

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economic history, but we need to explore and examine the truth of technology of industrialization in American history such as the entire iron and steel industry.

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The tremendous economic crisis of the 1930s that had a crushing and widespread impact on Latin America; precipitated by the global economic depression, forced Latin American nations to re-evaluate this exogenous economic growth model and to transform their economic policies in the direction of long-neglected diversification of the economy, particularly toward an endogenous model oriented to industrialization....