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God has opened many doors for me to share my personal story of redemption. It is the most beautiful thing to watch how God uses our failures, our scars, to bring healing and freedom to others. He truly is a God that makes all things new.

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The Constitution's framers provided the press with broadfreedom. This freedom was considered necessary to the establishment of astrong, independent press sometimes called "the fourth branch" of thegovernment. An independent press can provide citizens with a variety ofinformation and opinions on matters of public importance. However, freedom ofpress sometimes collides with other rights, such as a defendant's right to afair trial or a citizen's right to privacy. In recent years, there has beenincreasing concern about extremely aggressive journalism, including storiesabout people's sexual lives and photographs of people when they were in aprivate setting.

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The issue of when a reporter’s privilege to refuse to disclose information is lost or waived varies widely by jurisdiction. Most do not address the question. A few, however, indicate that limited disclosure, via publication or testimony by a journalist, does not waive the privilege protecting against the forced disclosure of additional information. Others provide that confidential sources can destroy the publisher's privilege by revealing their own identities.

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Under either scenario, the right is often 'qualified" -- balanced against other interests -- and there are still , such as when the reporter is an eyewitness to a crime. are often covered by the privilege. All journalists may also have to their confidential sources if they breach the agreement. Web sites may be able to , under developing laws or even shield laws.

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