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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "national radio talk show host on political, economic, and cultural values, and the author of two best sellers … Rabbi Lapin was recently appointed by President Bush to a three-year term on the Government's Commission on U.S. Heritage." "Rabbi Daniel Lapin is President of Toward Tradition, a national educational movement of Jews and Christian Americans seeking to advance the nation toward traditional, faith based principles of government, the rule of law, and a moral public culture." In reading this, a Christian might not inquire to which traditions and laws Rabbi Lapin would advance the country. Christian traditions and laws concerning sex and children are very different from Jewish law.

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The Sages go on to discuss sexual intercourse with a girl younger than three years old: Wounding the child and causing her to bleed is one possible result. From the Sages' description, it is apparent that the baby bleeds again and again from copulation with a grown man, and the Sages, once again, attribute the bleeding to the repetitive rupturing of the hymen (i.e., virginity growing back).

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In modern America, sex between an adult and a child is condemned in proportion to the youth of the child. That is, Americans generally consider sex with a fifteen year old, a twelve year old, a six year old, and a three-year-old on a continuous scale of condemnation. The younger the child, the greater the condemnation.

Adventures in Holistic Adult and Child Psychiatry "One only sees what one looks for, one only looks for what one knows." —Goethe "I did then what I knew how to do.

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Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of and director of Toward Tradition, presents himself as a Jewish "good guy" to conservative Christian audiences. He is a favored speaker with Concerned Women for America (CWA), the Christian Coalition, and similar groups. Those groups condemn homosexuality and child-adult sex. "For over three thousand years Jewish tradition and Jewish law have been unambiguous about homosexuality: it is a sin," states Rabbi Lapin. However, Rabbi Lapin fails to quote the Talmud law, which makes it clear that male homosexuality is not an offense if the adult man uses a boy below the age of nine years and a day. Homosexuality is only a capital offense when committed between consenting adult males. Talmud law also authorizes adult men to have sexual intercourse with girls three years old and younger.

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host, is a Jewish "good guy." She is one of the most prominent Orthodox Jews in America, and famous for her denunciation of homosexuality. From her radio show, Dr. Laura attacked a study of pederasty, published in in 1998, claiming it advocated sex between children and adults. The US House of Representatives went on to pass a resolution unanimously rejecting the study.

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Robert Knight is the director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America. Knight told CNN that Judith Levine's book, , gives "academic cover to child molestation." However, Knight has high praise for Rabbi Daniel Lapin's Toward Tradition organization, which he describes as "revolutionizing relations between Christians and Jews and fueling a rebirth of traditional Judaism." Rabbi Lapin was a featured speaker at the October 26-27, 2002 World Conference of Families meeting in Washington, DC, which was co-sponsored by CWA, Toward Tradition and others. Lapin was quoted in CWA's commemorative news article. Orthodox Judaism, to which Rabbi Lapin subscribes, teaches that the Talmud is the Word of God. The Talmud authorizes and sanctifies sexual intercourse between adults and very young children, including homosexual intercourse. Has Rabbi Lapin neglected to tell Concerned Women for America about those Jewish doctrines? Americans must get beyond fear of rejection and be open and frank with each other if we are to have real understanding between different religious faiths.

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This intervention utilizes live coaching of adult caregivers and their children based on a modification of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). CARE is a skill-based intervention to enhance the adult-child relationship. Skills are taught by live coaching and caregivers practicing skills in pairs and small groups while trainers observe and coach. When children are available, direct practice is done with the child instead of role-play.