By the late twenties, the Nazi Party started other auxiliary groups.

In fourteen years, a once obscure corporal, Adolf Hitler , would become the Chancellor of Germany.

This is a description of the Nazi Party's 1930 campaign for seats.

The talk then turned again to the great plans for collaboration between the powers interested in the British Empire's bankrupt estate. The Führer pointed out that he was not, of course, absolutely sure whether these plans could be carried out. In case it was not possible, a great historical opportunity would be missed, at any rate. All these questions would perhaps have to be examined again in Moscow by the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Italy, and Japan together with Herr Molotov, after they had been appropriately prepared through diplomatic channels.

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by G.M. Gilbert - Provides an extraordinary look into the events surrounding the trial of Nazi Germany's surviving leaders at Nuremberg in 1945-46. Gilbert was the prison psychologist who had unlimited access to Goering, Hess, Speer, Frank, Jodl, Keitel, Streicher and the others, all of whom revealed their innermost thoughts to him, including their day to day reactions to the trial, off the record opinions of Hitler, and views on the revelations concerning Nazi atrocities.

: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-45 by Alan Clark - On June 22, 1941, one of the most brutal campaigns in military history began as the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. Famed British historian Clark tells a vivid history of the campaign including the failed German attack on Moscow, the Siege of Leningrad, the greatest tank battle in history, and the great Russian offensive in 1944 that led the Red Army on to victory in Berlin.

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by Robert S. Wistrich - A very useful book with short biographies of nearly 350 persons that influenced every aspect of life in Nazi Germany, from Hitler to obscure Nazi bureaucrats. This is a book you will find yourself using again and again.

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by Solomon Perel - The amazing true story of a Jewish youth who survived the Holocaust by disguising himself as an ethnic German and even became a member of the Hitler Youth. This is the book that inspired the acclaimed film of the same name.

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The Nazi Party won an important victory, capturing 18.3% of the vote to make it the second largest party in the The Great Depression has a large impact on Germany.

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: The Memoirs of the Kommandant at Auschwitz by Rudolf Hoess, Steven Paskuly - Perhaps the most important single book concerning the Holocaust. Rudolf Hoess admits to being history's worst mass murderer, personally supervising the extermination of over two million persons, mostly Jews, at Auschwitz. This is the first complete translation of his memoirs into English, providing a revealing look into the mentality of this genocidal man and inside information about the SS and Nazi hierarchy.

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by Peter Padfield - A full scale biography exposing the strangely ordinary man who became Hitler's most powerful subordinate and one of history's most ruthless executioners. Includes details from diaries, letters, and speeches captured from Nazi archives.

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From 1925 to 1927, the Nazi Party failed to make inroads in the cities and in May 1928, it did poorly in the elections, winning only 2.6% of the total vote.