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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is showing in cinemas nationally from 10th August 2017.

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As always, thank you so much Dane Wigington for keeping us updated on Geoengineering, and the glorbal warming. They WILL BE sorry. They are totally blinded and refuse to own up to the truth. BUT, one day soon, 'Lord willing, they will reap what they are sowing." ~~

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Bush and claiming he'd won, and then making a supposed truth-teller's movie about the badness of global warming, called An Inconvenient Truth, enabling him to walk off with the Nobel Peace Prize.

"An Inconvenient Truth" is a 2006 documentary film produced by about featuring former Vice President during the and 2000/2004 presidential candidate .

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TakePart is the digital news and lifestyle magazine from , the company behind such acclaimed documentaries as CITIZENFOUR, An Inconvenient Truth, and Food, Inc. and feature films including Lincoln and Spotlight.

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What is the bottom line? There is either the truth, or there is a lie. Those that are pushing the "global warming is a hoax" false narrative are pushing an unimaginably ridiculous lie. Why does it matter? Because . Why is stopping climate engineering so important? Because the global weather warfare assault is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. When so called "independent" news sources completely discredit the anti-geoengineering cause by pushing completely false disinformation, bridges with the science community cannot be built. Such bridges are absolutely essential if we are to have any chance of fully exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. Investigating the truth is our responsibility, as is sharing it. .

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I listened to Ed Griffen explain himself in this video online. I was so upset at what he had to say about you Dane. It did'nt seem right with how detailed you are with all of your research and facts, to send him only one document, which Mr. Griffens dwelled on. This is a man that had a freind murdered by the very persons we are fighting to end Geo Engineering. Ted L Gundersen. Found dead with Arsenic Poisoning! He called the practice; "Death Dumps"! How shameful to Honour his efforts and the sacrifice of his Life this way. I have respect for his efforts on Cancer truths. But to now lie and make his online followers see you Dane in a False Light, Pisses me off. United we STAND, Divided WE FALL!!! Why would he act like you were not interested in an Honest debate? This really rocked me. I know you are always willing to let the public hear what you have learned with your tireless efforts and others at Geo Watch. I am so Glad you cleared up your side of the conversation and that you did send him almost one hundred link's. That's the Man we Respect. Half truth's like DeCaprio are delaying the end we so need to SRM Programs. How could Alex Jones have both of these so called experts on his show and not ask either of them about the Military Ind. Complex spraying Our Planet each day with Toxic Chemicals and ask them if this could have anything to do with the Climate! Not a WORD was spoken about SRM to either of them. Then Alex has a photo up of people with Winter Coats, tukes and scarves on saying Global warming is a fraud and here is the proof. I guess Alex has no clue about Ice Nucleation. I sure hope Mr. Griffens listeners have the sense to listen to Dane's response to his statements. I am sure glad I sat through Mr. Griffens. No matter how hard it was. But that is what Dane asks of us, To listen to mainstream and to listen to what they are trying to hand the listeners. Now I see who Mr. Griffens is working for, and it isn't the Planet. And some of the reply's to his video were so sadly ignorant. Go back to sleep. Mr. Griffen's told you what you wanted to hear!!! I know we would never have known how much you helped Michael Murphy and others with What in the World…unless you needed to make it clear that you were once again wanting to get the facts out. Thanks for doing that Dane. You are such a Good Man. I Pray for thousands more like you. Then a change will come to US and OUR PLANET.

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Al Gore to benefit financially from CO2 controls.

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