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Germanic historical legend was highly important to the Anglo-Saxons who were more and more concerned with establishing royal genealogies linking them with their continental ancestors and thereby strengthening their legitimacy. Legendary events and figures also added an important dimension for the audience of the poem who would have shared in its knowledge. Some legends, like the Ingeld allusion, foreshadow political events; others, like Heremod are examples of how not to behave. Some serve as foils and some are allegorical. Legendary figures and their relationships are also used to represent tribal and inter-tribal relations. In the poet uses legend to create a historical past that lends an air of authenticity to the fantastic deeds of Beowulf.

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While the place and date of ’s composition remain uncertain, historical references within the poem date its events to mainland Europe in the sixth century c.e. At that time, the Germanic immigrants to England, where was written down, still retained the pagan beliefs of their continental cousins. They also shared much more than beliefs with the pagan Scandinavians—Hrothgar’s Danes and Beowulf’s Geats—who are the focus of the poem. Besides speaking related languages, the pagan English and the Scandinavians shared a heroic culture in which societal loyalty centered on the , a band of warrior-retainers (known in England as thanes) who pledged to serve their chieftain or king in return for generous gifts. As described in the poem, the elite, militaristic, and masculine world of the prizes honor, rewards courage, and demands loyalty. When not engaged in battle, warriors gather to drink in large wooden halls where they listen to poetic tales about warlike exploits and make boastful pledges of their future deeds of valor.

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Although the Americans and Soviets avoided direct military action against each other, the American effort to counter the spread of communism in southeast Asia did lead to the deadliest American conflict since the Civil War, the undeclared war in Vietnam. Since the 1950s, American presidents had dispatched United States military “advisers” (used as a euphemism for troops, such as helicopter pilots) to South Vietnam to combat the communist Viet Cong forces loyal to the North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. The American military presence in Vietnam escalated as the conflict persisted, contributing to brutal fighting that resulted in high casualties (more than 58,000 U.S. dead; more than 937,000 communists dead). Among other wartime atrocities, American forces massacred civilians in the village of My Lai in March 1968. Thanks to the extensive coverage of the war in the news media, many in the United States could see for themselves horrific scenes of wartime violence. While nowhere makes a direct, anachronistic reference to Vietnam, it is hard not to hear echoes of the conflict that raged as the novel was being written. Its own descriptions of the cruelty and violence of the raids inflicted by various Danish tribes on each other reverberate through the centuries to those between the Vietnamese factions and their separate allies, with both conflicts involving equally gruesome brutality. Even the monster Grendel recoils in horror and disbelief at the evidence of human destractiveness in war (, p. 30). Some of Grendel’s distaste for war may in fact reflect the pacifist wishes of contemporary peaceniks, though the novel’s criticisms of war and governments are too broad to provide an endorsement of the specific ideological positions of any one group opposed to America’s involvement in Vietnam.

Beowulf has exerted its influence on a number of modern poets and fiction-writers
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