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Gwen Harwood's best loved poems, read by Suzie Frazer and the poet herself.
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Gwen Harwood; selected poems and themes

Felicity Plunkett is a recent Australian poet whose poetry resonates with Harwood’s poems. Read Father and Child and The Glass Jar by Harwood (and other Harwood poems centred on family) and Plunkett’s poems Ferrying, Kindergarten and Learning the Bones in her book . Construct a comparative table of the way these two poets explore family and death. Consider images, allusions, structure and the voice in each. What similarities and differences do you see? (alternatively you could look at the poets who have won the Gwen Harwood Memorial Award to trace the way poetry has developed during the period of the competition).

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A thematic discussion of Gwen Harwood’s poems focusing on: ..

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Hoddinott, A. and Kratzmann, G. eds. Gwen Harwood Collected Poems 1943 – 1995.University of Queensland Press, 2003.
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Many of Harwood’s poems are about acts of creativity and creative people. When she writes about music, poetry and art she is often invoking a Romantic sensibility about genius and the act of creation. Sometimes creativity is central to the poem; other times it adds an additional element. She sees this as a gift which is to be valued. In the Kröte series of poems, music loses its spark as it degenerates into teaching of children and lost opportunities and past accomplishments. She uses music as a theme or as an identifier of people’s personality.

Gwen Harwood confronts with the spectre of mortality in her Selected Poems ..
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