Tragic heroes face their downfall with courage and dignity.

In all tragedies, the main character, called a tragic hero, suffers and usually dies at the end.

In all tragedies the hero suffers, and usually dies at the end.

One reason why Tiger Woods could be characterized as a modern day tragic hero is because he demonstrates the tragic flaw of excessive pride in the way he felt he was superior to be committed to just his own wife....

If not for this tragic flaw, the hero would be able to survive at the end of the play....

A reader might wonder how the hero might accomplish such a task.

Brutus, one of these tragic heroes, is a devout friend of the great Julius Caesar, that is, until he makes many execrable decisions he will soon regret; he becomes involved in a plot to kill the omniscient ruler of Rome during 44 B.C....

At the beginning of the scene Hamlet is shown being extremely violent towards Gertrude.

In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the traditional portrayal of a tragic hero is defied: in lieu of being the victim, the tragic hero becomes the culprit of the play.

In the play, Macbeth the tragic hero is the lead character, Macbeth.

King Kreon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is the main character and he is opposed by an antagonist, Antigone, who disobeys Kreon’s decree to not bury Polynices’ body....

Creon has three main behaviors that cause him to be the tragic hero.

These plays are both Shakespearean tragedies, which often use supernatural incidents to capture the reader’s interest, and consists of a hero that has a tragic flaw.

Authors use the tragic hero’s “struggles with destiny” (S.H.

Brutus develops into a tragic hero throughout the play, and this is shown though his qualifications of a tragic hero, his high status, his tragic flaws, and his courage in the face of his death....

In Shakespeare’s tragedy, the tragic hero is Julius Caesar.

Macbeth has a very clear and definite downfall and he also has the power to draw the pity and attention of the audience which classifies him as a tragic hero....

In many senses, Hamlet is the quintessential tragic hero

Hamlet will either die by the unblunted tip on Laertes’s sword, or by the poisoned wine he will be offered following the match. When Hamlet returns, he accepts the challenge. During the match however, he and Laertes end up getting stabbed by the sharpened sword. At the same time, Gertrude sips from the poisoned cup.

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The combination of the tragic hero’s character traits and the storyline he or she follows make the tragedy an actual tragedy rather than a depressing story with a sad ending....

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Just before she dies, she announces that she has been poisoned. Laertes then announces that both he and Hamlet are near death from the sword stabbing, and that Claudius is the one who instrumented the entire situation. Hamlet then stabs Claudius, who dies as his sins are announced to all of the onlookers. After Hamlet and Laertes die, Fortenbras enters from battle and learns of all that has taken place. Upon hearing the entire story, he makes sure that Hamlet receives full honors in death. This scene (Act V, Scene2) represents the climax of the play and seals the fates of all remaining characters, including Hamlet, a tragic hero.
Hamlet, although a complex and unique character, clearly represents the tragic hero. As is the play’s protagonist, he evokes sympathy from the audience/reader from the opening scene. His tragic flaw was twofold: (1) he was adamant about avenging his father’s murder and his mother’s incestuous marriage; (2) this desire caused him to became so enveloped in his inner conflicts, he allowed the actions of other characters to dictate his fate. Also, Hamlet’s suffering seemed very authentic; it became stronger as it mixed with his growing determination to seek revenge upon Claudius. Finally, as one watches his tragic downfall spiral towards its conclusion, one cannot help but wish that Hamlet could have lived and become King of Denmark.