Hamlet Compare and contrast Oedipus and Hamlet

Oedipus and Hamlet have many characteristics of a tragic hero that separates them in varieties.

What is the difference between Oedipus the King and Hamlet

conceit imagination
free innocent, free from guilt
muddy-mettled dull-spirited
John-a-dreams a dreaming person
unpregnant not quickened to action
drab prostitute
scullion the lowest of kitchen servants, noted for foul language
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tent probe
blench flinch
relative closely related

In both the common tragedies, “Oedipus Rex” and “Hamlet”, both main characters are generally good.

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Gunnar Boklund gives a reason for the highlighting of the melancholy aspect of the protagonist in Shakespeare’s Hamlet in his essay “Judgment in Hamlet”: In the tragedy of Hamlet Shakespeare does not concern himself with the question whether blood-revenge is justified or not; it is raised only once and very late by the protagonist (v,ii,63-70)and never seriously considered....

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16. Compare Hamlet's world before his father was murdered to his world in Act V, after he returns from England.

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However, it is possible to see Prince Hamlet as a more complex character as he can be seen as various combinations of a weak revenger, a tragic hero and a political misfit.

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In his statement Prince Hamlet, in his role as the star character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet, acknowledges the complexity of man; as "infinite in faculties.

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This is also a principal theme of classical mythology, and to fully understand Hamlet as a tragic hero, a comprehension of the mythological references at the beginning of the play must be foremost in the reader's mind....

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Howard Felperin comments on Hamlet’s “ironic consciousness” of the fact that he is unable to quickly execute the command of the ghost: Eliot’s unhappy judgments are worth considering here, if only because they are based on an intuition of Shakespeare’s creative process that is so near to and yet so far from the one presupposed in the present essay....

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In Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark the main character Hamlet goes through a series of very unfortunate events throughout his life, and mostly negative things come out of them....

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reality issue and especially about the character of Polonius, see by Ian Johnston; search for "Appearance and Reality.")

Hamlet acts harshly towards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern but (1) they were commoners who didn't really count in Hamlet's world and (2) even if they were imprisoned for a time in England, it is possible that if they were not killed they would somehow get word to the King about what Hamlet had done.

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However, my analysis of the play is conducted on the basis of various components which are: Hamlet as a tragic hero, the ironic message conveyed in the play, the roles of its characters, the role and p...