Your hands, wrists, and forearm are at the heart of handgun control

This paper presents a scale designed for the measurement of attitudes toward handgun control

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If an individual is carrying a concealed handgun without a permit, he/she has a duty, when coming into contact with any law enforcement officer during a routine stop, detention or arrest, to immediately inform the law enforcement officer that the individual is carrying a concealed handgun.

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Persons who previously have held a Virginia resident permit shall be issued, upon application, a new five-year permit unless there is good cause shown for refusing to reissue a permit. The same fees and time constraints apply in the instance of renewal. Persons who previously have been issued a concealed handgun permit are not required to appear in person to apply for a new five-year permit; the application for the new permit may be submitted via the United States mail. The circuit court that receives the application shall promptly notify the applicant if the application is incomplete or if the fee submitted is incorrect.

Of course, the best way to tell whether a handgun is a good fit is to actually handle the gun. After ensuring the gun is unloaded, pick a spot on the wall such as a light switch. Orient your body so the light switch is directly in front of you. Close your eyes then punch out your handgun toward the light switch. Now open your eyes. In all likelihood, if the gun felt right in your hand, its muzzle is pointed pretty darn close to light switch. The simple exercise can give you an idea of how a particular gun will point naturally for you.

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Like grip, trigger control is a fundamental of marksmanship. When your handgun’s sights are properly aligned and overlaid on your target, you will hit what you’re aiming at unless the gun moves as you press the trigger to the rear. Therefore, when shopping for a handgun, make sure you can comfortably reach the trigger without having to shift the gun in your hand.

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The most popular single shot pistol today is the Thompson/Center Encore. T/C pisols were conceived purely as hunting pistols. They also became very popular for Silhouette target shooting, when that sport came along, and a it was a shooter armed with a T/c Contender who shot the first perfect score in that difficult game. The T/C pistols are large, strong, break-action pistols chambered for a very wide variety of cartridges, including some rifle cartridges. Calibers run from .22 rimfire to .45/70 Govt. Barrels in various calibers can be interchanged, making these the most versatile of hunting pistols. Barrel lengths are usually 10 inches or 14 inches, but some models come with a 16 1/4 inch bull barrel. The latter is available in the aforementioned .45/70 caliber, suitable for the heaviest North American game at close range, using modern handloads. There are also special ventilated rib style barrels available for shooting .410 shotshells. Most T/C barrels come with excellent target type iron sights, but optical sights are usually the choice of the experienced hunter, and T/C barrels are drilled and tapped to accept scope mounts.

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When a gun is too big for a shooter’s hand, the tendency is to change the orientation of the shooting hand in order to reach the trigger more easily. Unfortunately, this invariably results in the gun’s recoil being absorbed more by the thumb than the large bones of the arm. Not only could this be annoying and prove injurious in the long run, but it also inhibits your ability to effectively control recoil, which means it will take you longer to get back on target after firing. And without a proper grip, you won’t be able to move your trigger finger independently of the rest of your hand, which is an integral component of accurate shooting.

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Most of these pistols are short recoil operated, meaning that upon firing, the barrel and slide are mechanically locked together. These move rearward together until the bullet leaves the barrel and the gas pressure drops to a safe level. After recoiling backward together a short distance (about 3/8-inch), the breech end of the barrel is pulled down and stopped (by a link or a cam surface), and it unlocks from the slide, which continues backwards alone because of its momentum. As the slide moves rearward, it extracts and ejects the fired brass, and recocks the hammer or striker--the whole time the slide is moving back it is compressing the recoil spring. Finally, the recoil spring is fully compressed and the backward motion of the slide stops. The recoil spring then drives the slide forward. On its way back to battery the slide strips the top round from the magazine and shoves it into the chamber, then it is forced back into engagement with the breech end of the barrel, and the action is again locked and ready to fire. The main drawback of this system is the movement of the barrel, which creates bedding problems, and decreases accuracy. This is why semi-auto pistols are seldom used for hunting or other long range shooting. However, the system is plenty accurate enough for defensive pistol purposes and ranges.